Steampunk Jetpack





Introduction: Steampunk Jetpack

Here is the step by step Photo-instructables of my steampunk jetpack

Step 1: Main Engine Test

I tried some different approaches/configurations until i found the right configuration for the main engine

Step 2: Main Engine Setup

I had left some clamps from my old drum they fitted perfectly

Step 3: Main Engine Test 2

....should i add more idecided to NOT...less is more

Step 4: Installing Fuel Feed for the Main Engine

I used inox eggcups combine with brass connctors and copper pipe

Step 5: Preparing Muounts and Fuelfeed for the Left and Right Controle Engine

same procedure as before for the main engine fuelfeed

Step 6: Left and Right Controle Engine Setup

The Laft and Right controlengines-body is made out of some WW1 brass bulletshells

Step 7: Installing Fuel Feed for the Left and Right Controle Engine

Installing Fuel Feed for the left and right controle engine

Step 8: Wearing Skeleton

with griptape upholster

Step 9: Backrest

with leather upholster

Step 10: Stearing Bars

for left and right

Step 11: Finish

...if someone is interested i am selling my prop...just make me an offer



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    Amazingly well done, but the description of each step is a bit lacking. Would be cool if you put LED lights and a smoke/fog maker in the engines.

    Nice pictures, but I wish there was a lot more description.

    That looks amazing! Well done.

    great documentation. thank you for posting!

    Could-we have the complete procedure for the flying test?.....;)

    Awesome project by the way and nicely done too!

    keep it going!

    Nice work. Looks like there's room inside for a small CO2 fire extinguisher to simulate an exhaust plume.