Steampunk Jewelry From Box of Old Watches


Introduction: Steampunk Jewelry From Box of Old Watches

Just some designs I got a box of old watches and parts at a yardsale and this is what I did with it enjoy. Let me know what you think

Step 1:

I pretty much started by taking the "guts" out of the whole watches i laid everything out in front of me and let my imagination take hold. Also if you cover the front part of the watch housing u can leave the back so that it still pops open and boom secret stash! Don't forget there is no wrong way of doing art just different ways/ideas. So don't get frustrated if ur first few tries turn out not so good:-)



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    Very nice pieces from watch parts. I have a box of watch parts and enjoy making jewelry. You have given me some good ideas on using the watch casings! Some are digital watches that do not have gears which was a disappointment, but the cases are cool! Thanks.

    Hey thanks!! I love em and i still have more broken watches from the yard sale to make more! ?