Steampunk Lab Goggles


Introduction: Steampunk Lab Goggles

I took a pair of chemistry lab goggles and painted them (see my Steampunked Nerf Gun instructable for painting instructions). I also attached some brass chain, glued on random brass hardware and gears, and replaced the elastic strap with a leather strap.



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    Finally, a useful thing I can do after spending two semesters in purgato-- *ahem* I mean chemistry class.

    Very good idea! I love it! It looks great!

    what did you use for the rims of the glasses

    These are amazing! What kind of glue did you use?

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    I used hot glue for most of it, and tacky white craft glue for some of the smaller bits.

    Great job, and a lot easier than some goggle projects. Are the goggles the ridged plastic ones or are they quite flexible? I'd imagine they'd need to be ridged for the paint to not flake.

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    Yeah, the whole point of these was to use what I had on hand or was cheap, since I didn't have a bunch of leather or copper brass pipes or what have you. The goggles are flexible and unsandable, but there are a bunch of little nubs on it. Also, the acrylic paint I used was pretty thick and I found that if I use a fan-shaped brush and two coats, the paint stays on really nicely.

    Hmm, interesting point about think acrylic paint (that's model paint yeah? Needs turps to get it off?) I'll have to give it a go.

    No, it's actually just the cheap craft kind you get at Michael's. If you look at my Nerf gun instructable, it's the same as the kind I describe there. The real key is to use the fan-brush, give it adequate time to dry, and then a second coat. Maybe it would be less fussy to use a turpentine-requiring paint, but I was just using what I had on hand.

    Had a look at the NERF project, I'm inspired.

    just an fyi, i am working on the nerf gun thing and 60 grit sand paper will take off any unwanted logos (nerf) or lettering (do not point in anyone's eyes) lol, and 320 grit smooths it out again. :) I'm at the painting stage but i havent had time!! arg.

    what exactly is used in the center, below the gear, but above the bulldog hanger? the circular object???

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    That is a big button with a gold rim and an iridescent center. If you take a look at my steampunked Nerf gun, it's the same as the "medallion" that covers the Nerf logo.

    by the way this is me. my own account that cant view pdf's. bah... Anyway... I'll let you know when i post an inst. also, I cant believe i found a Maverick rev 6 nerf gun to paint at the thrift store!!! 2 dollars.... I sanded off the logo and safety precaution words though. I'm going to make a complete instruct able about how to take apart and wash and put back together a maverick rev 6. yes i took detail pics of removing the parts lol.... im so exited for A-KON!!!

    ah I did see those. cool. I think I have something that came off a watch I'm going to use. I may post an instructable too! but maybe not under this name. I'm on my husbands account. I'll def credit and link you though!

    I'm in the middle of making these goggles and I'd like to post an instructable with directions and pictures during the process, if that's ok with you. I think it's a brilliant way to make inexpensive steampunk goggles, but they're hard to make just based on your pictures. Of course, I'll give you credit for the project idea. I would never have thought of this on my own.=)

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    so did you finish? :D

    Yes! I just have to upload the pictures and figure out how to write an instructable. =)

    Cool! I'm going to do one too! This is my husbands account though so i'm either going to make an account or change this name if its possible O.o
    I want to post mine too. I'm taking lots of pics! my goggles weren't exactly the same so I'm adding bits to make them still cool. I was psyched to find the 2" insulating bushings they are the perfect size! gotta love home depot