Steampunk Lab Goggles





Introduction: Steampunk Lab Goggles

I took a pair of chemistry lab goggles and painted them (see my Steampunked Nerf Gun instructable for painting instructions). I also attached some brass chain, glued on random brass hardware and gears, and replaced the elastic strap with a leather strap.



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    Finally, a useful thing I can do after spending two semesters in purgato-- *ahem* I mean chemistry class.

    Very good idea! I love it! It looks great!

    what did you use for the rims of the glasses

    These are amazing! What kind of glue did you use?

    I used hot glue for most of it, and tacky white craft glue for some of the smaller bits.

    Great job, and a lot easier than some goggle projects. Are the goggles the ridged plastic ones or are they quite flexible? I'd imagine they'd need to be ridged for the paint to not flake.

    Yeah, the whole point of these was to use what I had on hand or was cheap, since I didn't have a bunch of leather or copper brass pipes or what have you. The goggles are flexible and unsandable, but there are a bunch of little nubs on it. Also, the acrylic paint I used was pretty thick and I found that if I use a fan-shaped brush and two coats, the paint stays on really nicely.

    Hmm, interesting point about think acrylic paint (that's model paint yeah? Needs turps to get it off?) I'll have to give it a go.

    No, it's actually just the cheap craft kind you get at Michael's. If you look at my Nerf gun instructable, it's the same as the kind I describe there. The real key is to use the fan-brush, give it adequate time to dry, and then a second coat. Maybe it would be less fussy to use a turpentine-requiring paint, but I was just using what I had on hand.