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Introduction: Steampunk Lamp

This steampunk lamp is made out with pallet wood and with an Edison bulb. This is a simple project of one of Dan's Cordero project, who I admire a lot. I have done a recreation of this, improvising materials that I already had.

In the video you can see the step by step and the final result of this project. It is an easy to make lamp with a beautiful retro style.

Step 1: Photo Process

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Where did you get the old style cotton electrical cord and the old fashioned switch/socket. Every thing else is self-explanatory. Neat project and I am looking forward to making a couple as gifts.

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Thanks. I got the cable and the switch both in Aliexpress as "vintage rope wire" and "vintage Edison Swich" but I imagine that you could also find them in Amazon.

great project, but where to get cable like that.?

or if you made it, would appreciate it if you show us how you made it

thank you

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Thank you, I got the cable in Aliexpress, you can search it as "vintage rope wire".

Thank you very much for the vote Cris!!

You are welcome! It is annoying, you missed the light competition for one day! (Have a look to my new video, click on the (i) in the upper right corner)

I like it - simple, clean, attractive. Well done :)

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