Step 5: The Finish

Picture of The Finish
The Light of Ra.jpg
After finishing the body I installed the bulb. Be sure to clean the bulb after with a soft towel. This bulbs become very hot, so it's very importent that they are really clean!

This Steampunk lamp is an eye catcher - and when you start this powerful light machine you will be impressed about the power of Light!

I hope I could give you some inspiration for your next Steampunk light.

Steam ahead!!!

The Chocolatist


cutshopguy2 years ago
Great work.I really like the look and the functionality.
Don't you just love the role of serendipity in what we do? How one finds things that just somehow fit together as if they were made to do so.
One question, how do you adjust the dimmer switch? I might have missed something, but I can't see it on the pictures.