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Introduction: Torins Tutorials: Steampunk Leather Belt

Torin's tutorials presents:

How to make a stamped belt

Step 1: Buy Supplies

Torin says only buy leather and supplies in bulk from local suppliers.

Step 2: Size Your Belt Blank

After you find suitable belt blank, cut your belt to a size right for you. Use a protractor or ruler to mark even hole markings.

Step 3: Stamping!

Use a sponge with warm water or just dunk the entire blank in warm water before stamping. Use your homemade or store bought stamps. Make sure you not to tilt your stamp to one side otherwise you will get uneven impressions.

Step 4: Examine and Cleanup

After you have stamped and burnished your belt let it dry.

Step 5: Dye and Seal

Use whatever dye you like, I prefer dark brown with antique highlights. For a glossy finish use resolene on both sides.

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    How did you make your stamps? and When you grow up I expect these to be far more advanced :P

    2 replies

    This is the first in a series, Torin will show stamp making on another tutorial.

    I look forward to it!

    I followed the link, Fantastic stuff!