Picture of Steampunk Mad Scientist lamp
This is a lamp I made after being inspired by many Instructables (thisone especially) . I used a dimmer and four bulbs in parallel for the illumination. I also used many brass parts, assorted knobs and dials, and vacuum tubes from my parts collection. This lamp took me about an hour or two to construct. The lamp is very bright when not dimmed and also gives a perfect glowing filament effect when dialed down. The locking gas cap on the side actually locks and opens (but serves no real purpose). One dial shows psi and the other is a bulb testing dial (how apt). The tubes were salvaged from an old, dead, stereo amp.

I hope you enjoy it, Please Rate and Comment :) I would be glad to answer any and all questions.

osiris sr5 years ago
it's alive i tell ya its alive (bride of frankinstein) soo cool
LadyLelan5 years ago
Absolutely splendid!! :)
mspark400 (author)  LadyLelan5 years ago


lionface5 years ago
this is epicwin. thanks for the link to the influence. totally doing this lol.
mspark400 (author)  lionface5 years ago
 I'm glad you like it. Best of luck with a design of your own. If you need any specific advice, feel free to ask.

RReslan5 years ago
GENIUS!! love the creativity! is there anyway you can add detailed steps to creating one like yours? would appreciate it alot!

mspark400 (author)  RReslan5 years ago
I may in the future but pieces like this vary alot between each one.  the 'ible linked above gave me the basis of the design. The wiring was a simple parallel array of sockets, and the rest was pieced together as i went with superglue and trial and error. Most of it was thanks to my large pile of old equipment and hardware.
Thanks for your appreciation!
tinkernaut5 years ago
Very nice!!!!

The vacuum tube "bases" are made from actual tube sockets from your old amp, and painted, or are they another type of hardware?
mspark400 (author)  tinkernaut5 years ago
the gold bases were made from unmodified knobs from the stereo and actually match the other knobs with the exception of the power. they just happened to seat the tubes perfectly.
 Glad you enjoy!
JakeTobak6 years ago
That's really awesome. Where do you get random gears from btw?
mspark400 (author)  JakeTobak6 years ago
Thanks! And as for the gears...While vacationing in Maine I visited my favorite place: Its called the Tool Barn. it is full of all kinds of stuff for cheap. aAll antique tools and such, and I picked up boxes of steampunk stuff there including a jar of gears and a box full of watchmakers tools and gears. Cheers, Mspark400
mspark400 (author) 6 years ago
Just a note: the center gear works the dimmer. cheers, Mspark400