Picture of Steampunk Mechanical Pencil
I made this shortly after making my first steampunk project, my steampunk pen. I think it came out to look pretty well. I also made a steampunk finger stylus after making this.
If you want to know the aging/darkening method i used on the aluminum tape, just go to my steampunk pen instructable.


taria2 years ago
this is cool, but I would also love to see just how you made it.
Krayzi993 years ago
I would appreciate a full-on instructable for this, looks great!
Win Guy4 years ago
Clever uses of the word "Thingy"!
Win Guy
I must agree! LOL!
That is the coolest thing i ever saw but you should tell how to make it. is it even an instructable if you dont tell how to make it?
prosper58 (author)  CyberDoomKnight4 years ago
There's a type of instructable where you can just show off things you've made. If you click "upload" there are 3 options. One is "pictures". Click that. Telling how to make it is a bit too much of a hassle for me since i lack the resources to make another.
you should show how to make it!
prosper58 (author)  rlnbkseeberger4 years ago
I might make another and show how i made it. (i don't know if i will, though) Don't get your hopes up.
Is it really an instructable, if you don't show how to make it?
prosper58 (author)  motleyjust4 years ago
No. There's an option now called "Pictures", where you just upload pictures of your project(s). I haven't posted any real instructables yet. Just posts in the catagory "pictures".
you absolutely should