Picture of Steampunk Monitor
Steampunk Monitor Side with Gas Lamp Arm.JPG
Steampunk Monitor with detail of Arm Anchor.JPG
Steampunk Monitor with detail of gas valve into oak side.JPG
Steampunk Monitor showing detail of featherwood inlay.JPG
Steampunk Monitor with top taken off.JPG
Steampunk Monitor showing slot cut for monitor.JPG
In this project, I encased an Envision EN7750 LCD monitor in a wooden frame made of red oak with a feather wood inlay.  The base is routed out to fit the base of the monitor.  The sides have slots cut into them to fit the sides of the monitor and I have Velcro to hold it fast.  The top can be removed if the monitor ever needs to be replaced.  I already replaced it once and given how hard it was to find a replacement I got two.  It was pretty easy to remove the monitor base.  It was just some screws.  And the rest is just some basic woodwork with a router.  The brass elements on the side come from a gas lamp that I took apart.  It looks like it swivels but it is actually fixed in place.  The whole frame is finished in a mahogany stain with two coats of low luster polyurethane.