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This is another work in progresss.
I  plan to add a few more visual do dads,

The tools to make this were a table saw, chop saw jig saw, and a router, sander.

The wood is walnut with a dark mahogony stain with spray laquer, 2 coats.

The carvings on top were 6 bucks at the local hardware, stained black wiped off, then mahogony. (They started out birch color)

The construction is like making a single cabnet door except I ran the rails out into the cylinders and connected them to my
cut disks I would wrap the vaneer on.

I stapled and glued the first layer of vaneer on backwards paper side out then used super strength 90 spray contact cement
to attach the outside peice.

The vaneer I cut 1/2 inch over size and trimed off the excess with a razor knife.

Base peices are just made like a picture frame and screwed from below.

The rivets are 1/8 inch aircraft, pre-drilled then driven into the chip board circle form like a nail.

If you wanted a more steamy look you could use a sona tube and cover them with copper flashing from the roofing department,
instead of making the coloms of walnut vaneer, this would save the time to cut the circular disks and covering them with wood. 


Great Work 'longwinters'! This is why we had made this website, to show the world that life can be more exiting if you just find new ways to make it be. Great work and AMAZING detail longwinters!

-Keep It Up-

Hey thanks, the only problem I have with this web site is it gives me to many ideas, every time I turn around I've come up with another project.

I post my projects to face book and several friends have dropped in to check the place out, I have to tell ya it's a wonderful web site.

My vote was with my wallet, I hope others will see the value and become pro members too.

alicyn.wonderland (author)2011-12-05

Wow! It looks better than the way you described it. I love the brass pieces and candles. I'm excited to see the phone... :]

Hey number 1 D. Here is a preview of the new phone project.

Junophor (author)longwinters2011-12-13

Hi longwinters

I can´t believe it but it looks like a very cooool project
Already great;-))))))))

Yours Aeon Junophor

That's awesome. Keep taking pictures!

Winged Fist (author)2011-12-05

Great work Long Winters! I particularly like the brass candle light in the last photo! I'm working on my own steampunk monitor, so it's a pleasure seeing your design. I hope it's a "long winter" so we can see more of your fine work:-)

longwinters (author)Winged Fist2011-12-05

People here are helping me want to do my best, I'm hoping you might be willing to post a few sneek peek pics.

Winged Fist (author)longwinters2011-12-05

Unfortunately I'm still in the "picking parts" phase of this project, and before I get to work on this, I hope to finish my retro-style "Decopunk keyboard" in the next few weeks. Sorry, no pics just yet... you'll have to stay tuned;-)

BrefelanDesigns (author)2011-11-29

Nicely done! It looks like it would be at home on top a buffet cabinet...
Hmm reminds me of the old buffet cabinet.... I wonder if my parents still have it... hmm.. I think that the mirror could be swapped with a nice tv/monitor screen... hmm..... two-way glass would look good too!

(Oh dear now you have got me thinking of ideas! I have too many projects and ideas to do and to try out already!)
Anyways, I do love the columns... though if one is proficient and pyrography (wood burning), one could add even more interest to them....

Hey electric fire when are you going to show off some more of your work?
I appreciate you showing up and helping me along.

I am slow when it comes to taking pictures ans also when it comes to working on project.. I do suppose I could post a few pictures of what I am currently working on... it's anouther amplifier, though not portable like my last one was.... I am having a few problems with some of the amplifiers I have... one (an old car one) heats up quickly and is only working in mono... the other on I could use is a lot smaller - but it is a power hog.... The main armature came from a hanging/standing candle holder... the armature was flipped around so that the ends pointed down...
Then one of the speakers (are some laborious re-designing and rigging I placed in the red dome (which is actually plastic - sadly) wand made it look like the dome part was soldered on to the rest my using hot glue and the covering the glue with silver leaf paint... the top part of what holder the speaker actually was the original base of the fixture.... Now for the other side I intend on making that a light - once I figure what kind of lighting I want (and if I want it to pulse to the music....)
The base for the whole thing is appears to be an old jewelry drawer....
All the parts (except the second amplifier - the power hungry one) came from the local Good Will....
The candle holder, the old car amp, and the jewelry drawer all where bought for about a total of 15$ (US) -
I do remember the car amp was 4$ and I think the drawer was 5$ and the candle holder was around 2$ - 5$....
Anyways there you go, you asked!
I do apologies for the LONG post!
(Also this is the first time I've tried to put pictures in a comment....)

Junophor (author)2011-12-01

Hi longwinters

I´really deeply impressed. As a real carpenter I have to say, that you´ve done an very good job with the wood. It kooks very steamy

longwinters (author)Junophor2011-12-01

You are the man! I have a cool idea I was testing the other night,

I took a chip off a front surface mirror and placed it on a speaker, I reflected a red laser off it on to a glass disc. It produced a pattern with the sound on the glass, this would be a very cool feature for any audio applications.

I guess it would be a laser V.U. meter?

Junophor (author)longwinters2011-12-01

Oh this is awsome.
Sounds great and surlely will look in reality even much more better.

Do it and show it to us!!!

Yours Aeon Junophor ;-)))))

Horatius.Steam (author)2011-12-01

This is a brilliant idea a very, very good work!

With kind regards,

H. Steam

Thank's Mr Steam, knowing the quality of your work that means alot.

Having been a typewriter technician I have a very cool idea for a open style keyboard with the actual board mounted vertically behind the screen, then using interposers to form a mechanical connection.

Stay tuned I have a steampunk phone soon to be done it's like no other.

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