Steampunk Monocle


Introduction: Steampunk Monocle

About: Music is my main hobby. I like making things in general and dismantling and remantling everything. I like to know how things work.

A simple Steampunk-style monocle made from the bottom of a beaker, electrical copper tape, and a chain



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    Totally attempting to make one later, this would be a perfect detail to my costume for Halloween!

    This is really cool! How did u cut the glass???? I would love to know.

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    Check at craft stores and stained glass supply shops. Sometimes they have pre-cut circles of glass.

    Thanx thats a great idea

    Haha, well, that was actually an accident. In science class someone put a tiny amount of water in a beaker, and superheated it. Stupid idea. The bottom cleanly broke off, they got superheated steam all over their work, and I got a monocle. But I don't suggest it. Use something like an angle grinder or glass cutter, and remember to sand off sharp edges

    I love it! Very posh!