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Spudnik, as I call him, was a project that was inspired by a craft swap project. Designers and crafters alike randomly were paired with a different theme and a material. My theme was "steampunk" and my material was "old toy." Every project was open for interpretation. I went to the Chelsea Flea Market in Manhattan to find some vintage toys. There were so many to choose from, but I soon realized that picking up an already aged and gritty toy would take the fun out of making something look steampunk. This is how I arrived at Target with a Mr. Potato Head in my hand. This piece was a nod to my favorite steampunk artist Doctor A.


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Leprechaun19 (author)2017-05-20

This is awesome. What did you use for the eye?

LucDaRocka1 (author)2012-03-15

im building a steampunk cyborg buzz lightyear right now, it was mine that i used to play with when i was little, and then my brother played with it roughly, and its half broken, so that will be the robot side........

neonbanana (author)2012-01-22

i am working on one i love this instructible great job

Awesome. I can't wait to see it! Take Pics!

cutiescab (author)2011-12-21

this was my effort at it. The top hat was done with an aluminum sheet duct taped into a tube and glued to the original mr potato-head bowler. The eyes and mustache were made from sculpy. The forklift arm is made from the legs of a robot action-figure and there are pipes on the back made from dead batteries of different sizes

saritamarianyc (author)cutiescab2011-12-21

Very cool! Awesome use of creativity and resources from around the house!

saritamarianyc (author)2011-08-14

I'm also selling some fun items on Society6:
Iphone Skin
Iphone Case
Art Prints


Fred da Bunny (author)2011-03-26

Incredible! I tip my hat to you!

escapefromyonkers (author)2011-03-16

best mr potato head i have seen. always good to know what items to
keep on hand too, like the premo sculpey you mentioned
great brass knuckle site.

Sci_Fi_Steve (author)2011-02-17

Hi, I got stuck whilst making my steampunk dalek gun, when I read this, you inspired my dalek. Thank you :)

Riezz (author)2011-02-12

it looks so cool :D:D

porcupinemamma (author)2011-02-02

Absolutely FABULOUS!

erfror (author)2011-01-10

Wow that is absolutely amazing! But even more cool is how you made that potatoe head thingy into some steamy robot thingy =D
Love the details, now it only needs some steam coming out of that tube.

Puzzledd (author)2011-01-09

This is amazing! We used to use a real potato for Mr Potato Head, and the all-plastic version always seemed a bit... well, plastic. You've taken it to a whole new level- inspirational!!

saritamarianyc (author)2011-01-03

Hey guys and gals! I just posted my 2nd Steampunk Toy tutorial. If you enjoyed the tutorial please, vote for me in the Epilog contest or the Holiday Gift Contest. I would love your support. I could use that Laser cutter to make more art and craft projects for you! Thanks again!

For tutorial, view here:

OldeWizard (author)2010-12-02

Awesome. My daughter collects Mr Potato heads and this gave me the inspiration needed to build her one for her birthday that she won't find in any store. Being a computer junky my version ended up being a bit robotic looking and is a functional USB hub with light, fan, and mp3 player. I was unable to get the cool antique brass/gold color you achieved mixing the paints listed, so I bought antique gold and applied it lightly over the final color. Unfortunately doing so I lost the steampunk affect. Next one I'll use the gold direct over black. Thanks for the inspiration and great instructions.

Awesome! I love the creativity!

Mr. Potato Head (author)2010-09-01

Amazing! I don't know what to say, but clearly I need to comment.

the only problem is the potato head had to go through extensive surgery :S lol

It'd be worth all the pain if I could look that cool...

Stew2 (author)2010-09-05

This is beyond awesome... Imagination and talent, I think you could make these and sell them and pretty much name your price. Looking forward to your next creation :).

hokiecow (author)2010-09-02

What was used to make the mustache and monocle?

saritamarianyc (author)hokiecow2010-09-03

I used Premo Sculpey.

RayLT (author)2010-09-02


chantling (author)2010-09-01

This is absolutely amazing. I'm always impressed when somebody builds up some incredibly intricate, complex thing from a bunch of unrelated bits and bobs;  thanks for posting all the in progress pictures.  I wish I had the ability to do this sort of thing. Unfortunately, it's not my forte. So I'm always happy to see somebody else did all the hard work and I can just enjoy it :)

Knex Guru (author)2010-09-01

I am no fan of steampunk whatsoever, but dude this dirty as hell

karma-laboratory (author)2010-08-31

This makes me laugh so much. Spudnik looks hot!!

Darwinfish (author)2010-08-31

I generally don't go for steampunk, but this is amazing. Potato Head robot of doom? Hell yes. Good work. :-)

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