Steampunk Mr. Potato Head





Introduction: Steampunk Mr. Potato Head

Spudnik, as I call him, was a project that was inspired by a craft swap project. Designers and crafters alike randomly were paired with a different theme and a material. My theme was "steampunk" and my material was "old toy." Every project was open for interpretation. I went to the Chelsea Flea Market in Manhattan to find some vintage toys. There were so many to choose from, but I soon realized that picking up an already aged and gritty toy would take the fun out of making something look steampunk. This is how I arrived at Target with a Mr. Potato Head in my hand. This piece was a nod to my favorite steampunk artist Doctor A.


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For more pictures of Spudnik, click here .

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    This is awesome. What did you use for the eye?

    im building a steampunk cyborg buzz lightyear right now, it was mine that i used to play with when i was little, and then my brother played with it roughly, and its half broken, so that will be the robot side........

    i am working on one i love this instructible great job

    Awesome. I can't wait to see it! Take Pics!

    this was my effort at it. The top hat was done with an aluminum sheet duct taped into a tube and glued to the original mr potato-head bowler. The eyes and mustache were made from sculpy. The forklift arm is made from the legs of a robot action-figure and there are pipes on the back made from dead batteries of different sizes


    Very cool! Awesome use of creativity and resources from around the house!

    best mr potato head i have seen. always good to know what items to
    keep on hand too, like the premo sculpey you mentioned
    great brass knuckle site.

    Hi, I got stuck whilst making my steampunk dalek gun, when I read this, you inspired my dalek. Thank you :)