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Introduction: Steampunk Nachos

Finally, something to serve the next time the robot Jules Verne stops by!

Keeping this one short, because I am not sure how much can, or should, be said about Steampunk Nachos.  Especially since it is fairly self explanatory, and unlikely to be repeated. 

While the project itself is ridiculous, it has made me want to start a band of the same name...

  • Tortilla chips
  • Spray paint
  • Dark wooden box
  • Nail polish
  • Green foil
  • Heavy kitchen foil
  • Strips of aluminum (had these leftover from house repairs)
  • Rotary tool saw blades
  • Random bits of broken jewelry and hardware
  1. Spray paint tortilla chips
  2. Use nail polish to paint some of the metal scraps
  3. Cover corners of the box in gold foil
  4. Put nachos in the box
  5. Top with bits of metal, beads and saw blades
(did I really just publish this?)



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    What is everything always steam punk don't we have better intress

    Very silly. (that being said...)
    Freaky-cool. Looks like something Boba Fett would have on his wall for a timepiece. Excellent!

    hahaha.kinda looks like robot chips insted.5*

    Yes, you did just publish this, but I think it is one of the best entries so far!

    "While the project itself is ridiculous, it has made me want to start a band of the same name..."

    BAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  Best... Band name... EVAR!!!!

    1 reply

    OMG... This totally ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 billion stars!!!!!!!!!!