video Steampunk Nintendo Gameboy Part One
Custom made steampunk gameboy
Andydimarzio4 months ago

Awesome nostalgia!!

AnimeChuK8 months ago


How do you keep the actual screen from getting scratched when you don't have a screen cover over it?

garramdq2 years ago
where is the instructable???
aur3lie3 years ago
Wow that looks amazing! Do you also have an instruction of how you made it? :)
Lei_Kei3 years ago
Looks great! If I did this to mine, I'd probably play it more often
A friend just linked me this and now I know what must be done to finally de-shame my hot pink gameboy color that I got when I was sixteen, second-hand, at a gift exchange.

Thank you. Thank you so much.
wouternet4 years ago
nice job +1
Dissapointed that you use a Behringer Mixer, that stuff breaks very easy and the audio quality is to cry
Source: Being a professional Audio Tech
Kaelessin4 years ago
Brilliant! Of course those things are already so old steampunk isn't far off! I wish I'd never lost my original gameboy . . .those things are gloriousness in a box!
DCDT5 years ago
 you sir, won the internet
Now I wish I still had a working Game Boy. Great job!
kresn1k5 years ago
great mod, i have a nds lite, & been thinking lately to do something like that
(my ds only have leds on it).
So thank you, this is inspiring me already.
great job BTW.
cool i like the spring on the side :)