For Elf Fantasy Fair 2011 I decided to go steampunk. It's much more fun going dressed than in plain clothes, and steampunk has the added advantage of playing with mechanical type things in making one's outfit.
My first attempt was published earlier, see the next steps.

For Elf Fantasy Fair 2012 I decided to try and fix some of the shortcomings of the 2011 outfit. I think it was quite successful. Again I was snapped by numerous people, but mostly I enjoyed walking around oggling the other steampunkers!

The outfit now consists of (from top to bottom):
- hat, with cog badge and steampunk 'feather';
- goggles - see my other instructable;
- dressshirt (no mods);
- ribbon tie;
- waistcoat - I bought this, it was soo much better than the one I made;
- fobwatch on a chain;
- steam thrower - see my other instructable;
- wrist steam pistol;
- side sporran (with Robin Hobb's "Asassin's Apprentice" inside, for signing)
- umbrella in scabard (rain was forecast, and it did!)
- black trousers with no mods;

Step 1:

The 2011 outfit follows.
Love it because it is very original and handmade!
wouldnt a top hat have been more efective <br>
Yeah, but I was doing it on the cheap and couldn't find a top hat big enough for my head! This hat was available, and quirky. In the mean time I have a black fedora (cheap) which will double-hat for steam punk and music festivals. I'm also moving to black pants, the brown is not classy Victorian enough.
Despite how quick and easy the construction of most of it seems to be, it looks really effective.<br>I especially love the wrist pistol, definitely going to make one of my own.
OMG! &nbsp;This is amazing!<br> <br> So is this like every-day wear for you, or do you save it for when your Star Trek uniform is at the cleaners?
I'm actually quite boring, but a Star Trek uniform may be an idea for the next project :-)
You did an awesome job with this steampunk outfit!

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