Step 3: First protection: The switch row

Picture of First protection: The switch row
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I get these switches in a German shop but I think you will find a similar one in USA and UK.
It’s a switch with four positions and a design to fit it directly on a circuit board
I glue the 4 switches to one big block.
Then I push it with the pins on my book and wait a few seconds. When I removed it I see the small dents. I mark them with a pen.
Later I drilled there holes with a 0.6mm drill.
Now I glued the switch row on my book.
I solder the connections with enamelled copper wire to a nice code.
Only with the right switch combination the power can flow from right to left side of the switch row…
Then I cut all pins as short as possible.
Later I cover the switch row with brown buckskin.