Step 4: Second protection: Picaxe knocking code and final wiring

Picture of Second protection: Picaxe knocking code and final wiring
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For  the first test with the servo I take the Picaxe 08M prototype board.
I only figure out the open and close position of my level arms for the servo.
I also check if all parts running smooth and don’t stick anywhere in the movement.

Then I solder the two resistors, servo wires, LED and switch on the module (AXE230) and fit it to the cover in the same way like the switch row, just behind the servo.

The circuit is nearly the same as I used with my Poltergeist also the code is very similar.


You will find the code here between the pictures I will draw the circuit the next days but if you look on the original Poltergeist project from AndyGadget you must only supersede the engine with the servo on pin4.

Then I connect inside the cover the chip with the Battery + directly and took  – over the switch row.
Then I glue the piezo sounder in the middle and connect it too.

Done \o/