Steampunk Plasmabeam outdoor Lamp

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Here is my third steampunk project called: "Plasma beam outdorlamp". As a mad scientist you need such a plasma beam light to protect youself against big moskitos or whatever will come unexpecpactliy in your tent.

This film gives you an small impression:

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Step 1: Changeable bulbs

Picture of Changeable bulbs
If you want you can change the bulb to have a good light fo reading.

Step 2: View Inside

Picture of View Inside
For this lamp I took an old iron handlamp and modified it a little bit. The electronic inside ist taken from a disposal camera and changed in that way as you can see it at the "High-voltage-ignited-plasma-bulb" project. It ist started with a micro switch on the low voltage side and has additional a control LED wich shows you that the electronic is working.

The white candle bulb hides a cfl light but only the glass tube. The electrical connection of the cfl glas tube  follows to the normal parts of the  E27-centra socket. Please mention that you can use such a bulb only! in this gadget!! The white Candle part is made of plastic so it ist a real schock protection an you can use it very well outdoor. The light  runs abvout 20 hours with two AA-batteries.

The Neon plasma bulb is not modified , you can use this bulb either in this small lamp or even take an normal lamp driven by 230Volt in your home. 

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