Steampunk Ray Gun


Introduction: Steampunk Ray Gun

About: People may know me for my prop-building over at the indymogul forums.

Before and after painting images of a scratch-build Steampunk Raygun I constructed out of found parts/junk I had lying around.
Materials include:
- Old handheld fan
- gutted maglite casing
- mouthwash bottle
- hair roller
- film canister
- mini 'candle' lightbulbs
- misc inkjet printer components
- tictac mint box
- contact lens case lids.

This build is a few years old now, but I've only just considered uploading it to 'ibles. you can find it floating around several other locations on the internet.



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    AWESOME, and i think it looked better before painting

    i'd have NEVER thought of using those things.

    this is AMAZING
    that is a great paint job you did there keep up the good work