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Introduction: Steampunk Ring

Edit: I was young and nerdy, laugh all you want heh.

This is a steampunk ring that I made from a flashlight bulb, copper tape, an old key chain, and a strap from an old lunchbox. The light does not work, just letting you know. I'm making a steampunk-themed Halloween costume and this is the first thing that I worked on. I might post updates on this Instructable to show you how far i've gone on it :D I personally think that it would look better with a leather glove on.



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    I would break that soooo fast.....

    I wouldn't say ugly, but perhaps it lacks polish? Very nice idea and a good prototype. Keep working at the idea and make it beautiful and functional!

    its ugly and dangerous....what if broke the glass of the lamp?

    Wow that was nice.


    And it's steampunk, that's the point.

    Oh come on, it's not that bad.

    *or Dangerous.

    a better idea would be to get a cheap 20$ metal ring and sand it down to the copper. then you can mod a little bulb so it lights with a led and attach it to the ring, that way it will light up.

    That is a good idea, I might try that next. Or just hook the bulb up to a mini cell 3volt battery and a switch. Also you could cover it up with electrical tape so it doesn't short out on your hand.

    dude, do you know anything about electricity?