This instructable will show you how to make a simple Sam Browne belt, with a steampunk style.

A Sam Browne belt is a leather belt with a strap that goes over one shoulder and has a fastening for a sword. Army officers wear them and Sam Browne who invented it only had one arm so he needed some way to carry his sword in such a way as to hold it in place while he was drawing it from the scabbard. Sadly some political extremist groups also wore these so we must make every effort to make our sam brownes look as unlike that as possible.

You will need:
2 belts. ideally the belt that will be going round your waist should be wider than the belt we will use to go over your shoulder, but it doesnt matter too much. I got some nice but cheap belts at one of our many local One Pound shops. They look like leather but I dont think they are.

Some thick wire. Coathanger wire would be fine but I used some of the copper wire I found on the beach because it is shiny and pretty and somehow more steampunkish.

Because I want this for a steampunk outfit, I have added some brass accoutrements which i will describe later. Any useful items, like a compass, fob watch, portable time vortex machine etc could be used.

Scissors and craft knife.
Thin nosed pliers.
Optional - hole punch, rivetter

Step 1: Making the Shoulder Strap

1 belt is the waist belt and the other becomes the shoulder strap.

Take the second one and break off the pointy bit of the buckle that normally goes through the belt holes. This belt was so cheap that a quick bend with the pliers and the bit just broke off. Now you have a buckle that wont buckle!

Slip the waist belt through the shoulder strap buckle and put the belt on. Bring the loose end of the shoulder strap over your shoulder and loop it round the belt at your front and adjust so that it fits neatly in a diagonal over your shoulder and across your front. Hold onto the loop as you take the whole thing off, so that you know the position of the loop for the next step..
<p>Do we get a pic of you wearing it to model off how well it fits?</p>
It's simply amazing how well steampunk-styled features translate into badass cyberpunk pieces. Sword scabbard?&nbsp;Try gun holster. Brown leather?&nbsp;Try shiny black vinyl (or, black leather if I can procure it, heh.) Holy crap I am -so- doing this when I put together my cyberpunk outfit. I needed one more accessory to help me pull a lot of it together and this is so IT. Thank you!<br />
&nbsp;Fascinating, i look forward to making one for my self!
I'm not much one for things that go across the center of my chest but this seems like its just a few quick mods away from the worlds most badass suspenders.

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