Please Note:  Due to the heat of the Fog Machine, I have added three new items;  

1 3-Way "T' Heater Hose Connector (3/4") 19mm Auto Zone ( Spray Paint Gold)
1 Heater Hose Connector (3/4") 19mm Auto Zone
3 Feet - Heater Hose (3/4") 19mm Auto Zone 
This cost $15.00 Bucks and works way better.

You will need:

2 Cans Krylon Metallic Brilliant Gold Spray Paint

1 Can Krylon Fusion Hammered Fine Bronze Spray Paint

1 Can Gray Primer Spray Paint

1 Can Goof Off

2 bags - 6ft universal connect dishwasher discharge hose with clamps by homeworks worldwide (home depot)

3 Empty Plastic Soda Bottles - one clear 3 liter Coca-Cola bottle and, two clear 2 liter sprite zero bottles

1 3-Way "T' Heater Hose Connector (3/4") 19mm Auto Zone

1 Heater Hose Connector (3/4") 19mm Auto Zone

3 Feet - Heater Hose  (3/4") 19mm Auto Zone


Fine Grit Sandpaper

3M Double Sided Tape

Mp3 Player

Small Speakers

Speaker Gril Thingy

Cool LED Lights

Back Pack

Adhesive Backed Velcro Strips

X-acto Knife

Fog Machine

Fog Juice


Step 1: Remove Labels & Glue From Bottles

Picture of Remove Labels & Glue From Bottles
1. Take three empty plastic soda bottles and pill off the labels.

I used one clear 3 liter Coca-Cola bottle and, two clear 2 liter sprite zero bottles. 

Remove the two green cap rings.

Spray on some Goof Off to remove the label glue and lightly scrap off the gunk. Rinse the bottles inside and out, then let dry.
this is really cool! is there a way to carry the fog machine with u, or make it portable somehow?
kangel12 years ago
you say to spray BOTH bottles gold, but you show 3 bottles. It looks like you mean spray both Sprite bottles gold and the other bottle bronze. Am I right?
kangel12 years ago
Thanks, these look really cool. BTW, it can be regular Sprite bottles as they still have the cool dimples. And you should double check your grammar. Makes following you easier.

you useD a lighted TO bevel the ends

your is possessive, you're = you are; if YOU'RE good at cutting, etc.
ModMischief4 years ago
Where does the fog machine go when you wear the jet pack?

I'd love to see photo or videos of it in action!

This has defintiely inspired me to add special effects to my rocket pack.
aeshem (author)  ModMischief4 years ago
Well, for now I have to hold the fog machine but, there is a cool fog machine that can be placed in the backpack. The tiny F07 is battery powered and cost about $1,825.99!!!

I will get one . . . . one day . . . .cry . . . ='(
xenor aeshem4 years ago
Further to my previous comment, found these things which should be pretty easy to hack for a cheap, portable smoke unit. http://tealco.net/zero_blaster_fog_gun.html
How about this one?


or this:

aeshem (author)  xenor4 years ago
Hey!!!! thats way too cool! thank you and stuff!
xenor aeshem4 years ago
No idea if they still make them, but I do recall seeing some type of fog wand that was quite cheap. Basically a miniature fog machine powered by batteries.

A quick google search found a now discontinued item called "The Wizard Stick", but you may be able to track down something similar.
Yes, I'd like to see a video too - not forgetting the sounds effects...
aeshem (author)  Cabbages and Kings4 years ago
I was tying to find rocket sound FX online and it was junnky. so, for now I just added cool songs that like . . . . . . "ROCKET-MAN"

I will try really hard to have the vid up soon. =D
I was sort of thinking of the actual noise the fog machine makes (but I didn't realise it doesn't fit inside at the time).
ZoDo4 years ago
Nice work. Voted for you
aeshem (author)  ZoDo4 years ago
Aww thank you :)
Nice work, but If I could make a suggestion, covering the cap of the soda bottle would go a long way, it still comes off as a soda bottle. Maybe put something dome shaped over it like a decorative bell, the scoop cut off a ladle from a thrift store, the cup from a broken metal flashlight. That part just makes it register as a golden soda bottle when I look at it, fix that and you're golden :P sorry about that one.
aeshem (author)  PaulMakesThings4 years ago
No, your right. This is my first time doing anything like this and I made a lot of mistakes. I felt really rushed to just hurry up and post because of the new change in voting. So, I hope next time the jetpack will turn out the way I had intended to look.
That's understandable, I've rushed projects to make a due date. It looks good overall, I'm just talking about little improvements.
randomray4 years ago
"Connect fogger to hose, add some fog juice, plug it in! " Say What ? you might have explained this and where to find one . Frankly that's the only reason I read this instructable .
aeshem (author)  randomray4 years ago
ok . . fix it =D
Thank you . Where do you find these foggers , can you recommend a source ?
aeshem (author)  randomray4 years ago
this is where I got mine at www.spirithalloween.com/product/400-watt-fog-machine/

I got the fogger and juice for $55.00 bucks =D
Thanks again .
aeshem (author) 4 years ago
NOTE: Check Out The "New" Step 6 - Hoses & Connecting Explained
tscott94 years ago
Great pics instructions! Very clear. Any chance for a couple more explanatory pics about the hose portion of the instructions. Amazing, awesome project!! :)
aeshem (author)  tscott94 years ago
Thank you Tscoot9. I am working on a shot video now that will talk about how to hook up the hoses.

Ps: your amazing too =D
sybyabraham4 years ago
This looks like something straight out of BioShock!
aeshem (author)  sybyabraham4 years ago
is that good? =D i never played bioshock or know much about it.
But, thank you hehe =D
aeshem (author)  porcupinemamma4 years ago
Thank you . . . your Excellent too. =D
kmatthews14 years ago
Make the video of you wearing it at the airport!

aeshem (author)  kmatthews14 years ago
haha thats funny, I use to work at the airport.
aeshem (author) 4 years ago
How Is Everyone Doing Today?? =D
llamatard4 years ago
how much money did this take to build?

aeshem (author)  llamatard4 years ago
About $200. bucks but, you can aways make one without the mp3 and fogger or leds. =D
gogglecrab4 years ago
Great job! I would love to see a video of it in action!
aeshem (author)  gogglecrab4 years ago
Sure Thing!! =D
I will have a video up on Sunday.
Any song request??
Yes! Rocket Man - Elton John!
great can wait to see it! and no not any thing in particular.