Introduction: Steampunk Solar Powered Air Conditioner and Identity Card Holder

Picture of Steampunk Solar Powered Air Conditioner and Identity Card Holder

Yes it is just a fan :)

I wanted to make an accesory for my small fiat 126 car. I've some solar modules, some scrap plywood and wood box decorations lying around so it turned out to be a solar powered window fan.

Step 1: Building the Chassis

Picture of Building the Chassis

I've a small piece of scrap plywood around which I'd found and picked up literally from a garbage box.

I'm adding instructions onto the pictures to help anyone who wants to build a similar thing

I've used brass looking edge protectors from ebay, you may find similar ones by clicking the link below

Step 2: Building the Chassis

Picture of Building the Chassis

I've added a fourth plywood piece to support the motor and cover the interior which will house the cables etc

Step 3: Adding Corner Decorations

Picture of Adding Corner Decorations

I've bought these brass decorations from ebay and used them as corner protectors.

ebay is full of those kind of things

here is a sample selected randomly

drill before inserting the nails.

Step 4: Adding Some Gears

Picture of Adding Some Gears

I'd bought many types of gears from ebay. They look like made up off brass and they are mostly decorative.

here are some samples

Step 5: Assembling the Dc Motor

Picture of Assembling the Dc Motor

The DC motor is a CD/DVD driver motor with a long life span.

I've assembled it as it looks at the photos. The two screws squeeze the motor from both sides

fixing it into its place. I've also glued it a bit by epoxy.

Step 6: Suction Cup

Picture of Suction Cup

Bought this suction cup from ebay. it will fix the fan into the front windscreen glass.

there are more complex and expensive ones and also cheaper and simpler.

choose one as you like and as it fits to your design.

here is a sample

Step 7: Electrical Connections

Picture of Electrical Connections

the solar panels generate 100ma short circuit current each. one solar module is in fact enough to run the DC motor under full sunlight. but I wanted it to be running in lower light conditions so used 2 modules in parallel.

mind the direction of the connection to the dc motor to enable it to turn in the direction to push air towards you.

Step 8: Finished Thing

Picture of Finished Thing

Here is the finished fan.

Step 9: Fan in Its Place :D

Picture of Fan in Its Place  :D

I've liked my solar fan so much, I've made 2-3 more. it is a lot of fun.

Step 10: Made One More :D

Picture of Made One More   :D

There are two more,

will add their photos later :D


nickg_uk (author)2016-08-25

This video is quite relevant to this build :)

canklot (author)nickg_uk2016-10-21

Love the song :D

hobbyman (author)nickg_uk2016-08-25

Hey I didn't use glue to fix the gears, there are screws holding them and they turn and even turn each other :D

EM3Di (author)2016-08-21

very nice! i love that car! did you make the radio?

hobbyman (author)EM3Di2016-08-22

Yes, I made the radio too. a 20w mp3 player inside with remote control. Outside is some scrawp plywood and decorations.

EM3Di (author)hobbyman2016-09-11

nice, do you have a instructable of the radio?

hobbyman (author)EM3Di2016-09-12

I don't have an instructable for the radio but it is in fact just a box around the mp3 player. I have instructables for building similar boxes. you can take a look at them. it is easy. go on, build your version.

EM3Di (author)hobbyman2016-08-28

Very good! same day i will be doing mine! :)

hobbyman (author)EM3Di2016-08-30

thanks, post photos of your build ;)

Cristofa Peeking (author)2016-08-25

Nice solar project. Simple and functional. Well done mate.

jerryjaksha (author)2016-08-20

Nice instructable except it seems to be missing the main element - the fan!

Where does it come from?

hobbyman (author)jerryjaksha2016-08-22

I used to have an other fiat 126 in 1997, which had a russian made 12V fan(same fan they used in their mig fighter planes and even space stations). It broke down in time and I kept it in some box for years, just to use the tri bladed fan salvaged from it in this project. But any fan will do propably. :D

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