Steampunk Speaker Box - My First Instructable





Introduction: Steampunk Speaker Box - My First Instructable

I know it's really not steampunk enough for some, but i really liked the box as it was so I did not paint it. I like the rustic feel it has. I have four dollars in this project because I had the box and wood pieces, the handles, the neoprene (for sound) and the speakers. I paid the 4 dollars for the brass shower drain covers at our local Habitat for Humanity store.

The sound is extremely good especially when the door is closed. Its much better than I had hoped for.
The speakers were dismantled from 2 pair of Dell Computer speakers, I am using both mini amps from a single power source (the original transformer from Dell). I later added my cell phone charger under the shelf as an added bonus. Thanks for viewing.



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    Great job, now you got me thinking about using a similar case for a monitor and key board.
    Glad you posted all the pics it looks like there was a fair amount of work there.

    I enjoy to see how yuo create nice usefull objects, Well done, Greetings; Erik

    I love the box and re-purposing, it has sparked a lot of idea's for my thrift store trips.... thanks for posting.

    Imagine the industrial revolution in the future
    steam powered guns
    weird and wonderful chemistry
    a little google search could fix you wonders ;)

    Not to be rude. but this is more diselpunk i think. nice build dough.
    I just don't see the steam "punk" but here. :P

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    I'd say that the steampnukness is in the colors, and the speaker grills

    Pretty awesome project and having such a nice box helps definitely. The use of the shower drains as covers is A+ and I am sure I'll borrow this idea for one of my own Steampunk projects :)
    Had to raise your average rating a bit.

    i like now ive to go to more yardsales i need a box lol ive tones of things to add :)

     ooers, shower drains. i can see the appeal of the box. keep adding to it and update the pix!

    Congratulations on being featured on the first day of your first instructable.