Steampunk Spice Rack





Introduction: Steampunk Spice Rack

I needed a spice rack to bring with me to college, and my dad has just discovered the wonders of steampunk.  

And so....the steampunk spice rack was born.

Step 1: Cut and File Copper Pipe.

Using a pipe cutter, cut copper pipe into 28 1.5-inch pieces.  We used 1/2" copper pipe that we had lying around, but you can always find copper pipe at any hardware store.

 Then, use a file to clean up the edges and get rid of any sharp ends.

Step 2: Retrieve Other Necessary Items.

Take a trip to your local hardware store and obtain 20 copper T pieces and 4 right-angle pieces that fit snugly on your copper pipe.


Put it all together!  And that's all there is to it.  

The original design had only one row and could only hold 6 tubes, but I wanted more spices in the rack, so we expanded it.  To add another row, simply cut 6 more 1.5-inch pieces of copper pipe and get 6 more copper T pieces.

Our spice rack seems pretty sturdy, but in the case that yours is wobbly, you could weld or glue the pieces together to make it more solid.  

Step 4: Add Spice.

Get some test tubes and fill them up with your favorite spices.  Cork the tops and, finally, place in your brand new steampunk spice rack. 

We had a couple of test tubes lying around, and more are currently in the mail to complete the spice rack.  I found some cheap test tubes on Amazon, and the corks can be found at craft stores.  

Enjoy!  :)



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    Very cool! I definitely want to make one now! I think on mine I'll put legs to bring it to a 45° angle, then adjust the tube holders accordingly :) Thanks for the idea!

    Holy Jesus that's a lot of shoes D:

    be a cool way for me to store my seed beads

    I've just started building a steampunkish still for my workshop / lounge. I see one of these as a matching accessory for serving up shots of what my grandfather called "corn squeezins".

    This is really neat!
    Please show us your results!

    i don't get whats so cool about this... all I see are a bunch of copper pipes stuck together. just because something is copper colored doesn't make it steampunk.

    Rotate T fittings ±60°, place them closer together, hang on wall and Budda Bing!

    I'm making one right now!

    I'll give it a shot of clear coat to keep it bright.

    Can you please tell me how you were able to make the "degree" symble?

    Uhhh . . .

    (alt) 0 7 6


    Yup! Works!