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I've recently decided to do some simple improvements to the man-cave bathroom and was inspired by some steampunk toilet paper dispensers I've seen. I was inspired to make one with slightly more flaire and on a small budget.

Step 1: Tools

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Tools for this job are very simple and as follows:
1. Aged copper metallic spray paint.
2. Simple green cleaner.
3. Paint scrapper.
4. Painters tape.
5. Shop towels or rags.
6. Rubber filter wrench.
7. Level (not pictured).
8. Wire brush.

Step 2: Parts

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For this build I recommend using black pipe, its much cheaper than galvanized pipe. Parts are as follows:
1. 8 in. long 3/4 in. pipe nipple ×1.
2. 2 in. long 3/4 in. pipe nipple ×1.
3. Close 3/4 in. pipe nipple ×1.
4. 45 degree 3/4 in. elbow ×1.
5. 3/4 thread to thread stop and waste female to female brass valve ×1.
6. Air pressure gauge (make sure the threads are 1/8 in. NPT).
7. 1/8 in. ×1/8 in. female to female brass coupling.
Try assembling the products in store before buying to make sure you have the right parts. They can be lightly screwed together while they are still in the bags.

Step 3: Cleaning.

Often these pipes come with a price tag tapped onto them and have an oily residue. This must be cleaned off before painting. Use the simple green and scraper to clean your parts.

Step 4: Tape Your Threads

Picture of Tape Your Threads

Because the spray paint has some large texturing particles in it, I recommend taping at least the first three threads of the pipes you are painting. I decided not to paint the 8in. nipple to have more color contrast in my final product.

Step 5: Paint

Nothing special about this step. Simply apply at least two even coats and follow the paints recoating and dry time instructions.

Step 6: Assemble and Mount

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Assemble your parts and use the rubber filter wrench if you need some extra torque to get a nice symmetrical product.
When mounting to a wall try and mount into a wall stud. If you cannot, be sure to use some decent drywall inserts. This dispenser is a bit on the heavy side. After mounting level the fixture with the level. All done!


sysops666 made it! (author)2015-11-04

Had some stuff left over from another project. turned out real nice.

kurnous34 (author)sysops6662015-11-04

twice the tp=twice the fun!

JulianAzz (author)2015-11-03

Great idea:) this is sooooo cool, I'm going to make this^_^

kurnous34 (author)JulianAzz2015-11-04

Thank you and good luck!

Alex 2Q (author)2015-11-03

This looks cool mate.

kurnous34 (author)Alex 2Q2015-11-04

Thank you

plaroach (author)2015-11-02

I'd be temped to get the couple extra fittings so I could pressurize the gauge.

diamondemb (author)2015-09-25

Very creative

kurnous34 (author)diamondemb2015-09-25

thank you

vinz3nt (author)2015-09-25

where did you order the parts?
it's a very cool project!

kurnous34 (author)vinz3nt2015-09-25

These parts should be readily available in most hardware stores in the plumbing department. The air gauge will be near the compressors and air tools.

TomV4 (author)2015-09-25

The pressure gauge is a nice touch. :{

kurnous34 (author)TomV42015-09-25

thank you

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