Step 5: Drill LED Port and Cut/Shape/Add Extras

Picture of Drill LED Port and Cut/Shape/Add Extras
"Pulling back the cover they were met with a dazzling display of mechanical miscellany that inspired their minds."

If your drive has an LED then you probably will want that to still work once the case is finished . . .I know I did so here's how to do that:
First find out where the led is . . .for those of you who know what the tiny ones look like this is just a matter of looking for it among the circuitry. For the rest, simply plug it in and take note of where the light is coming from :) !

Now for my design I wanted the light to be centered but my diode was off to one side . . .oh no what to do? I realized (duh) that the hole doesn't need to be directly over the diode if I find some way to diffuse the light! Enter parchment paper. I took a strip of parchment paper and wrapped the drive in it and realized that it serves two purposes . . . first, of course, to diffuse the light but second, to cushion the drive and keep it suspended in the middle of the case! Cool!

Now that I was confident that my light would spread to the middle nicely I drilled a hole into the case at the same lateral location as the diode but in the middle (see finished photos) I then cut two sections of brass tubing drilled 2 small holes near the base of the larger and then soldiered them one inside the other. Those two small holes were spots to place tiny brass tubes that I bent into a neat shape and JB Welded to the case.
Anyway, then take the hot glue gun and fill the tube leading to the inside of the case with hot glue and trim it to size. This is to further diffuse the light and make the light seem as though it's coming from the protruding tube! (See photo with it plugged in)

At this point I grabbed all my gears and other bits and began assembling them into what I considered a pleasing way and then JB Welded and superglued them to the case. For the really small bits I did not want the black JB Weld to detract from the appearance so I used clear superglue to create a pool that the tiny parts veritably swam in until hardened. Those guys ain't goin' nowhere!

Now the photos are after my cleanup was done so they look better than before, but at this point it is time to take the grubby looking case and clean it up some (that is unless you like it with that grunge feel).