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This time I present you a really simple "instructable" to create your own "Steampunk USB Stick". Again it's one of my Micro-Projects which you should be able to finish within 60 minutes.

Step 1: What you need

Picture of What you need
First a short list what you need for this project. Use your fantasy which parts could fit to your project.
Whit this instructable I would like to give you an inspriration how you could build a simple USB Stick in less than one hour.

- an old brass bearing from an old machine
- a broken tube from an old car radio
- a cheap USB memory stick
- copper wire

...and if you want to finish the project in 60 minutes you will need a Hot Glue Gun. Not so really "steampunky", but the only way to make it simple and fast.
If you want to do it perfect, you have to solder the tube to the brass bearing and you have to cut a brass plate to mount the memory stick.
jhack8211 months ago

OUt of curiousity, how did you add that wire/handle on the side of the bushing, was that soldered on?

thechocolatist (author)  jhack8211 months ago

Hi. Thanks for your interest. I drilled two small holes into the brass tube and used a hammer to put in the small handle, made out of steel. The handle I shaped a little but too small, so it stucks very good in the brass..... forever :-)

nerd74732 years ago
wow cool
hwaranghaw3 years ago
Ingenious! very hipster too!
Machine3 years ago
Hey, that is cool. Nice steampunk device. Clever that there's a LED to light up in the vacuum tube.
Junophor3 years ago
Take a bow Maestro!!!

Great work and this a patch worth;-))))
Cheers Aeon Junophor
Very nice with a clean and simpl structure. I like it!
Great work :-)
thechocolatist (author) 3 years ago
Hi - Thanks for your comment - yes, the LED is under the tube and light up the tube when the memory is running.
Winged Fist3 years ago
What a great looking steampunk USB! Does the LED from the USB light up the tube? Thanks for sharing!