Step 3: Lacing the cable

Picture of Lacing the cable
laced cable.jpg
Cut the plastic tips off your boot-lace. If it has a string running through it, remove. (The one I chose came sans string). Stick a screwdriver into the lace a few inches to widen the opening.

Put a small piece of tape around the tip of the wire mesh at the end of the USB cable, so it feeds through the lace without catching or snagging the lace, then feed the cable through the lace. (Kind of like an inch-worm… It’s a tedious process, but well worth it:-)

Once the whole cable is laced, trim the other end of the lace, to match the cable length.
yaly3 years ago
You can use the plastic tips as mini darts by poking a pin with a small flat head through the side that had the rest of the lace till it comes out the other side and spread the small piece of lace at the end to create the fins, give it a good throw at a sofa for example, enjoy