Step 7: (Optional) Connector or plug at the other end

Picture of (Optional) Connector or plug at the other end
If you plan to attach this cable to a keyboard (as I plan to do), you might want to consider using a gold female-to-female video connector to mount the cable to the keyboard. Just punch the plastic out of the center with a screwdriver, and add a bit of heat shrinkable wire wrap to the cable where it meets the connector.

If you plan to re-attach a plug to the other end, there are a number of fine Instructables which will give you directions on how to do that. Here's one that might be helpful: How to repair a moulded USB cable.

This Instructable also has a detailed description of hacking a USB cable at Step 10, (although it doesn't mention the two wires that handle data): Mini USB powered Tiffany Lamp.