here is a Steampunk Clock with VFD Tubes. I used a DIY Kit from Günther Rother, Germany. Many Greets from here to Him ;)

Step 1: The Beginning

We need:

Copper Tubes 60mm and 8mm

Divides from Brass Lamps

A VFD-Clock Kit

Thin Cables

Beach Wood

Wood Color

Some Screws

2 Brassballs 12mm

Solder Set

Hot Glue

Round Boards

Good Nerves *gg*

First we cut the 60mm Copper Tubes to Lenght and cut a Window in it to Display the Time. In the small 8mm Tubes we Rasp a small Window for the Led Second Signs.

<p>Amazing work! for VFD do u mean variable frequency drive or other? guess I found such VFD companies like ABB, Siemens, Veichi. nicely done.</p>
<p>I like your work. Where do you get your brass lamp parts? I'm not having much luck finding that old style look in the States.</p><p>Thanks for any help.</p>
<p>Hi,</p><p>look at Ebay - thats a good Place ;)</p>
<p>Its really beautiful</p>
<p>Well done! Are these IV-11 or IV-6 tubes you are using? I am using a thermometer kit from Geunther Rother for a project right now. He does great work! Very easy to build his kits. </p>
<p>Hi LoneGinger,</p><p>these are IV-6 Tubes and Yes....I like Guenther . I bought 2 Kits of the IV-6 Clock of him.He is also privately a completely dear Human. ;)</p>
<p>I am not sure if you are aware of this but with this wonderful little IV-6 kit you can use other larger VFD tubes including IV-11 and ILC tubes and because it uses a multiplex you can even use the single tube multi digit IV-18 or IVL tubes. Nothing wrong with IV-6, I just prefer the IV-11 size digits a bit more . I am going to ask Guether if the very elegant Tung-Sol DT1704c tubes are a tube that can be used also. </p>
<p>beautiful.<br>Hard to find 60mm copper pipe, at least where I live. I might try glass</p>
Beautiful, great job.
Great build
<p>Looks excellent. Well done.</p>
<p>@ Jsawjer13</p><p>Hihi, i know, but at the Finishing Moment i had no more Textilcable in Reserve. Now it is made ;)</p>
I wonder if the lore/look would improve if you used a power cord covered with old school cloth insulation. Great build!

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