My 5 year old granddaughter wanted a night light for her bedroom. Recently I have been building things with a Steampunk look, so this give me an excuse to build another project. This project uses some recycled materials that can be found at your local thrift store. Vacuum tubes can be found on Ebay and other components such as resistors and leds can be purchased at Mouser, Digikey or Electronic Goldmine.

Step 1: Find a Box

I found a suitable box at a local Thrift store and paid about a dollar for it. You can re-stain and finish it if needed.
Great Job, would burnt out out tubes work for this as i can get those free,
I'd love to be able to get my hands on some burnt out tubes. Where do you get them? I tried ebay but only see good tubes. I want the busted ones!
<p>I contacted one of the people selling valves on ebay. He only sells valves that are thoroughly tested. Because he carefully tests all his valves he has lots that fail his tests. He has lots of discarded non-working valves and was glad to let me have a large box very cheap. He wanted to know why I wanted them, when I explained he was happy to have found a market for his non-working valves as they have no other use.</p>
<p>That's a great tip! Thanks!</p>
You have to look around for someone whos into repairing old radios. There is a fella aound my place that does that but he charges crazy prices $5 per tube still.
Of course, its a good way to recycle those old tubes to art.
<p>could you email me some technical drawings and demensions? I am currently looking to build a similar light to go along with an old JC Penny stereo that i am going to overhaul and convert into a steampunk radio.</p>
I thought they were gonna be free but was wrong.
<p>I really like this project!</p>
<p>Insane!!! +1000 ))</p>
Nice instructable. <br>Do you know if a 1000 watt mercury bulb is pressurized when turned off. <br>I'd like to open one up to use as a lamp after removing the insides. <br>I'd hate to have it explode while opening it up. <br>Keep us posted on your 1000 watt mercury bulb project.
I have one of those bulbs too and have not opened it. I plan to project light through the top to make a lamp. I have seen others make lamps (Steampunk) out of them. It seems that they cut around the base stem and later connect it back with aluminum tape, so I doubt they have pressure. The light is generated in a different pressurized capsule inside.
if you do indeed use this as a night light, avoid any blue or white, those disrupt sleep patterns.
Good point! My granddaughter is requesting one in yellow. Perhaps a deep amber would be nice.
Good point! My granddaughter is requesting one in yellow. Perhaps a deep amber would be nice.
That's cool, but why not run current through the vacuum tubes so you don't need LEDs? I suppose it would waste a lot more electricity, but a real tube glow is awesome.
That would be awesome, including the warmth from the tubes. I have some bigger tubes, perhaps this would become another project.
This finished product is beautiful. I so need a reason to make this. It's inspiring! 6 stars!

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Bio: I like to tinker and experiment with electronics, robotics, programming, and photography. Along with my latest interest in Steampunk.
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