Picture of Steampunk Vest
Steampunk vest back.JPG
Steampunk vest buckle.JPG
Steampunk vest no buttons.JPG
Steampunk vest welt pocket.JPG
Steampunk vest with button.JPG
Steampunk vest buttons.JPG
Vest pattern.JPG

This is the vest I made for my Steampunk costume. I have included the pattern I used to make my vest if you want to get the same one. The buttons I got from Treasure Cast (they have a website). I only made one real change from the pattern, which was to not make the top fake pockets. I have to admit that sewing this pattern was harder than I thought.

Detoxiodine2 years ago
I know that I am as blind as a mole >,<

I can't find where to download the pattern...
brandonelms (author)  Detoxiodine1 year ago
I just got a vest pattern from JoAnn fabric. This one is Vouge I believe.
It came out fantastic! Love the fabric you chose. :)
brandonelms (author)  jessyratfink3 years ago
Thanks I really liked it also. I think it will go great with brass or copper elements. It does snag very easily though.