Steampunk Woman Pendant Necklace


Introduction: Steampunk Woman Pendant Necklace

About: I am a paper crafter who enjoys a variety of paper crafting activities: collage, mixed media, altered art , decoupage. I like learning new techniques and I like developing new ideas. I create a variety of ...

I altered a card from a Memory Game I picked up at a garage sale over the summer to make this pendant. I covered the chipboard with scrapbook paper and then rubber stamped the cog on with an Inkadinkado stamp and brown ink. I then used a collage image of a steampunk woman from Gecko Galz. I added some metallic gold paint to her collar and the hardware on her hat. When I was finished with my design, I covered the pendant with clear contact paper. I added a metal flower that I also touched up with the metallic gold paint. A golden pearl is glued to the center of the flower.

This necklace is available in my Etsy store.



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