Introduction: Steampunk Wrist Gauntlet

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I was challenged to make a brass/copper metal gauntlet, here's my project...enjoy

Step 1: Patten and Size

Picture of Patten and Size

overall size was 12 inches on the elbow side, and 6 inches on the wrist side...

Step 2: Pattern Sized and Wrapped in Tape

Picture of Pattern Sized and Wrapped in Tape

after cutting the taped to each side, I wrapped all exposed cardboard with tape

Step 3: Brass Basket Weave

Picture of Brass Basket Weave

the brass I used was .007 thick shim stock, overall size was 6x12 inches...I used the gfs paper chopper to cut the brass to 1 inch slices, then just wove them together...secured the back with brown duck brand tape

Step 4: Add Brass to the Template

Picture of Add Brass to the Template

after the brass edges were protected with tape I centered it on the template and secured with more tape...

Step 5: Dragon Scales, Dragon Scales, Dragon Scales

Picture of Dragon Scales, Dragon Scales, Dragon Scales

decided I'd mix it up around the edges with some scales....tape was layer out and cut in 2x2 pieces, fold bottom 2 corners up and leave a thin sticky section to attatch. repeated until I got the desired look...

Step 6: Velcro Closure

Picture of Velcro Closure

applied sticky backed velcro to both sides to use as the closure

Step 7: Voila...wrist Gauntlet Completed.

Picture of Voila...wrist Gauntlet Completed.

I had to roll it on itself quite a few times to get it to take I got the diameter correct the velcro worked like a champ...thanks for looking


billcitrus (author)2016-10-13

Nice gauntlet! but I still cant see how it's steampunk. tell me. how much do you know about the subject of STEAMPUNK?

Doctor Robbie (author)billcitrus2016-10-22

Dude how exactly do you make a gauntlet "steampunk"?

billcitrus (author)Doctor Robbie2016-10-24

Well... for one thing when I think of steampunk I think it's going to be very used, dirty, and, not well kept. for instance, I made a steampunk arm no to long ago, witch I didn't make an Instuctable out of because I had no bloody idea what I was doing, so here are some pictures for reference! I do think though, if the gauntlet was more like this, it would be more steampunk!

Doctor Robbie (author)billcitrus2016-10-27

Bro that looks so cool you really should make an Instructable for that

billcitrus (author)2016-10-14

Not to say it isn't steampunk at all....Hmm...I suppose to some extent. I do think the duct-tape douse look a bit like leather, and you did use REAL brass,nice touch by the way,I suppose everyone has there one interpretation of "steampunk". Yes! That sounds about right!

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-10-09

Nice. I really like the pixelated look that you got.

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