Picture of Steampunk Wristclock
I really enjoy the steampunk aesthetic and was inspired to make a wristclock while working on crayon holders for my daughter's birthday. 
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Step 1: Tools/Materials

Picture of Tools/Materials
1x4x8 furring strip
wood glue
small nails
Spray Paint - Aged Copper and Gold
Various screws/spring/whatever inspires you
small hinges
small latch
Old watch

Miter Saw
Drill and bits
Finger nail polish remover

I scavenged the latch from a lap table that you could angle. 

Step 2: Cutting the wood

Picture of Cutting the wood
I got the idea for the wrist gear from this instructable. I don't know how my mind made the leap from wooden beer mug to steampunk wristclock, but it happened. 

I wanted something small enough that it would fit on my wrist. I decided to make it eight sided with the sides on the bottom and top of my wrist a little longer. 

I cut the wood at a 22.5 degree angle. I came up with that number by dividing the number of sides I wanted by 180. Cut all your wood using the first piece you cut as a guide.  The wide side of the pieces on the side was about 1 inch. The top and bottom sides were about 1.5 inches.

After cutting the wood sand them down.
It looks like your watch face is rotated 90 degrees, but it's definately the CHUNKIEST watch strap I've ever seen. Well done.
ehudwill (author)  Dream Dragon3 years ago
Yeah it is rotated. More of an aesthetic choice than anything. Yes extremely chunky.
AJD421 year ago
By the way dude its called a watch just thought you should know that for future refrence
bajablue3 years ago
ehudwill (author)  bajablue3 years ago