The steampunk  big clock with 2 RGB light wells that were made by my dad - The prop maker.

When you are looking at them you get the feeling that you are transported into the world of Salvador Dali!
<p>Okay... looks cool... is there going to be an instructable on it?</p>
Very nice but a waste of instructable space. Better off on facebook
Without a &quot;how to&quot; it's not much of an instructable. More like a &quot;show-off-able.&quot; I LOVE the finished product; but, anything you can do to show how it was made would be most apreciated. Materials list, basic steps, a few pictures to augment the instructions. Even if you don't have pictures available of the build process, closups of the final product showing how the end product looks for that step would be nice. But agian... MAJOR cudos for the final product!
Any chance of getting any instructions on how to make this at all (please)?<br>I want one of my own :3
does the clock work????
the best steampunk clock I've ever seen!
Could you please post more pictures? I'd love to see how this was constructed!
Unfortunately I have not many pictures
Wow, that looks really cool. Very nice work - props to your dad!

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