Photos Only - Steampunk Etched Brass Pouch


Introduction: Photos Only - Steampunk Etched Brass Pouch

**Edit, I made it into an Instructable -

Here's my first attempt at a steampunk pouch, made of brass, nickle, and leather. The locking clasp is the only thing I didn't make, I bought it at Tandy Leather, a leather supply store.

As far as materials, here is what I used:
22 gauge brass sheet
20 gauge nickel sheet
A hide from Tandy leather
A leather dye
A turn-lock bag clasp from Tandy leather (
Brass leather rivets from Tandy, or your preferred leather or craft store.
Waxed leather thread

For tools, I used:
An adjustable jewelers saw and blades, for cutting out the details in the nickel
A Brake Sheet Metal Bending Finger Mount
A metal jump shear to cut the bigger pieces out



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    Thank you very much!

    This is an incredible work of art, and as you state that this is your first metal project, truley amazing! I think if you took the time to write this up in a step-by-step format, (you certainly seem to have enough photos of the process to do that), it would likely get featured by one of the editors, and get the attention it deserves from the steampunk community here on Instructables.

    I would also recommend taking another photo for the lead picture, maybe of someone wearing it, to give a better idea of the scale/size of this beautiful brass pouch.

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    Thank you so much! I truly wish I could do a tutorial, but I'm missing so many steps and have no way to recreate it, as I don't have access to the tools I used to make it anymore. If I ever make a leather version of it, which I plan to do, I will certainly document it better. Thanks again!