This is my first instructable, and it's how I took a Optimus prime mask from walmart, some super glue, spray paint,  acrylic paint, and time into my sexy gas mask. Hope you guys like it!

Step 1: It Begins

Picture of It Begins
So First, I saw a lot of potential in the mask, and took it home to see what I could do with it.
BobTheICM1 year ago

No disassemble! Number five alive!

chris.totzke (author)  BobTheICM1 year ago
I'm so glad someone finally got that... :)

i got it too XD I Love Short Circuit (1 and 2)

Haha awesome XD

That is amazing
It might not be the most expensive or intensive Instructable, but it's still friggin' cool.
Did you make your goggles too? I'd like to know how :)
Advar1 year ago
Fabulous! Could also pass as a Steampunk Bane mask or bottom half of a Steampunk Ironman mask. :)
lindseyb931 year ago
you have no idea how much I love this. Thank you! <3
Three things. Hello wiccan brethren. I see a minecraft cheat sheet. And Awesome 'ible.
love it also I see your wearing a pentagram fellow wiccan?
this is sick it reminds me of the sub-zero cryo mask from mortal kombat
What is a shirt stay? Do you have a pic of one?
chris.totzke (author)  SnakesOfDeath2 years ago
A shirt stay is something that connects the bottom of your shirt to the top of your sock. It's an elastic band. It keeps your shirt pulled down and unwrinkled. I was in the Air Force, so I had a number of them left over when I wasn't wearing my dress blues. They're also really good at keeping the corners of sheets on a bed! If you go to a formal clothing store and ask, they might have packs of them. Here's a link to a picture of the type of ones I had.

This is a really clever redesign of a mask! Looks great.
I guess maybe I need to take a walk down the toy isle for some inspiration before I start working on my steampunk costume!
chris.totzke (author)  Stephanefalies2 years ago
I love walking down the toy isles for these ideas. Sadly, it does make a rather cartoon-steampunk feel, but it does work very well!
paqrat2 years ago
Looks great. I think you have redesigned it so it really has a steampunk feel. The paint job is a real winner.
chris.totzke (author)  paqrat2 years ago
Thanks a lot! It was a lot of fun to do, and kept me fairly busy!
Ahha! i knew there was something fermilier about the mask! but yeah thats very creative of you i might make this
easy and awesome!
chris.totzke (author)  Dusk Shadows2 years ago
Thank you!
I'm always glad to give people ideas. I love walking through store toy isles, and thinking 'what can I do with this?'
Yeah i do that with anime shops i look at the key chanes and stuff and this i could probobly make that cooler if i tryed
Pattymouth2 years ago
Cool! I never would have thought to use a kid/Halloween-type mask! I wonder what you could do with Cinderella? ;~]
Thanks for showing novices & non-tooly people like me that steampunk stuff can be done without blow torches, electric sanders, and welding equipment!
chris.totzke (author)  Pattymouth2 years ago
Thank you for your comment! Thats why I thought about even joining instructables! I was amazed that overnight I was featured, and put on the front page for something I came up with. And over 5000 views! I never thought I'd get close to this much. But to inspire people really makes me happy.
spiderham2 years ago
It looks good but it still has too much of a manga feel. It needs some embellishment. Great paint job.
chris.totzke (author)  spiderham2 years ago
Thats what you get when you work with premade plastics, I'm afraid. I could have embellished it a bit, but I like the fact that it went from one mask to another, you know?
I'm going to do more original works as soon as I get the funds to do so, but it's fun to 'upcycle' no?
I also think it's pretty awesome, and if you're in the mood for tips, I think bigger canisters could help the look. Great build.
chris.totzke (author)  MissouriVillian2 years ago
Bigger canisters probably would be cool, even those where very difficult to use, but I was kind of challenging myself to use the mask itself. I know it's a bit corny, but I wanted to see if I could make something everyday into something else without really adding anything.
I can't wait to try more original builds though!
I'm always in the mood for tips, pointers, constructive criticism, what have you. You can only go up, you know?
Ok, Never left a comment or an instructable... yet, but I'm a thinker as well as a tinkerer...
Canisters- turn your existing canisters around and hot glue or whatever your fancy for adhesion, tuna cans. Preferably empty and cleaned, lol.
It will give it a more diesel/ steam punk affect.
When I start getting ideas I start looking through what I have available in my junk stores...
Otherwise, if my boys wouldn't kill me in my sleep I would start one as well- kudos for the idea, keep it up!
chris.totzke (author)  xanthony692 years ago
Thanks a lot! It's awesome seeing treasures in things people would throw away, isn't it?
Not corny at all, building something with a limited source is a great way to test skill and creativity. Used to do writing exercises back in the day where we had to write poetry with a specified set of words. It can have some great results, which you have. Fact is I'm considering the possibilities for a similar project now that you've shown me the way.
Maybe add extras - I found springs made all the difference to the plastic goggle I modified.
Geek blasphemy.
I prefer to think of it as geek repurposing :)
pacifcace2 years ago
Very nice. That's some impressive and creative repurposing.

Have you given thought to adding corrugated tubing of some kind to add more of a steam-punk feel and take away some of the remaining transformer-ness? Attaching it securely, and making it fit the aesthetic, may be challenges... but I think the final effect could be worth the work.
tjk942 years ago
If only those eye "gaps" (for lack of a better word) were a bit higher so a pair of goggles could be made to fit in them. Oh well...such is the curse of re-purposing premade things *sigh*

Anyway it still looks pretty darn awesome...good job!
chris.totzke (author)  tjk942 years ago
I'm surprised you caught onto that! It's actually a bit low in the photograph because of my glasses. It was hard fitting those and the mask. But when I used my goggles (the goggles in the pic are fake, but I had a real pair as well), it was very well spaced. good eye though!
Cool! Any chance of pics with the goggles?
Alcyon2 years ago
Well, blow me down
ljacobs2 years ago
great ible. though the mask looks great it could use some minor embelishment to ease the style into more steampunk vs a mask that most definitely fits anime like guyver bioboosted armor