This is my first instructable, and it's how I took a Optimus prime mask from walmart, some super glue, spray paint,  acrylic paint, and time into my sexy gas mask. Hope you guys like it!

Step 1: It Begins

So First, I saw a lot of potential in the mask, and took it home to see what I could do with it.
<p>Thought this might be an amazing Sith mask also... to bad that mask is a collectors item now that cost $150+ on Amazon.</p>
<p>No disassemble! Number five <em>alive</em>!</p>
I'm so glad someone finally got that... :)
<p>i got it too XD I Love Short Circuit (1 and 2)</p>
<p>Haha awesome XD</p>
That is amazing
It might not be the most expensive or intensive Instructable, but it's still friggin' cool.
Did you make your goggles too? I'd like to know how :)
Fabulous! Could also pass as a Steampunk Bane mask or bottom half of a Steampunk Ironman mask. :)
you have no idea how much I love this. Thank you! &lt;3
Three things. Hello wiccan brethren. I see a minecraft cheat sheet. And Awesome 'ible.
love it also I see your wearing a pentagram fellow wiccan?
this is sick it reminds me of the sub-zero cryo mask from mortal kombat
What is a shirt stay? Do you have a pic of one?
A shirt stay is something that connects the bottom of your shirt to the top of your sock. It's an elastic band. It keeps your shirt pulled down and unwrinkled. I was in the Air Force, so I had a number of them left over when I wasn't wearing my dress blues. They're also really good at keeping the corners of sheets on a bed! If you go to a formal clothing store and ask, they might have packs of them. Here's a link to a picture of the type of ones I had. <br><br>http://www.galaxyarmynavy.com/prodimages/large/7197.jpg
This is a really clever redesign of a mask! Looks great. <br>I guess maybe I need to take a walk down the toy isle for some inspiration before I start working on my steampunk costume!
I love walking down the toy isles for these ideas. Sadly, it does make a rather cartoon-steampunk feel, but it does work very well!
Looks great. I think you have redesigned it so it really has a steampunk feel. The paint job is a real winner.
Thanks a lot! It was a lot of fun to do, and kept me fairly busy!
Ahha! i knew there was something fermilier about the mask! but yeah thats very creative of you i might make this <br>easy and awesome!
Thank you! <br>I'm always glad to give people ideas. I love walking through store toy isles, and thinking 'what can I do with this?'
Yeah i do that with anime shops i look at the key chanes and stuff and this i could probobly make that cooler if i tryed
Cool! I never would have thought to use a kid/Halloween-type mask! I wonder what you could do with Cinderella? ;~] <br>Thanks for showing novices &amp; non-tooly people like me that steampunk stuff can be done without blow torches, electric sanders, and welding equipment! <br>
Thank you for your comment! Thats why I thought about even joining instructables! I was amazed that overnight I was featured, and put on the front page for something I came up with. And over 5000 views! I never thought I'd get close to this much. But to inspire people really makes me happy.
It looks good but it still has too much of a manga feel. It needs some embellishment. Great paint job.
Thats what you get when you work with premade plastics, I'm afraid. I could have embellished it a bit, but I like the fact that it went from one mask to another, you know? <br>I'm going to do more original works as soon as I get the funds to do so, but it's fun to 'upcycle' no?
I also think it's pretty awesome, and if you're in the mood for tips, I think bigger canisters could help the look. Great build.
thanks! <br>Bigger canisters probably would be cool, even those where very difficult to use, but I was kind of challenging myself to use the mask itself. I know it's a bit corny, but I wanted to see if I could make something everyday into something else without really adding anything. <br>I can't wait to try more original builds though! <br>I'm always in the mood for tips, pointers, constructive criticism, what have you. You can only go up, you know?
Ok, Never left a comment or an instructable... yet, but I'm a thinker as well as a tinkerer... <br>Canisters- turn your existing canisters around and hot glue or whatever your fancy for adhesion, tuna cans. Preferably empty and cleaned, lol. <br>It will give it a more diesel/ steam punk affect. <br>When I start getting ideas I start looking through what I have available in my junk stores... <br>Otherwise, if my boys wouldn't kill me in my sleep I would start one as well- kudos for the idea, keep it up!
Thanks a lot! It's awesome seeing treasures in things people would throw away, isn't it?
Not corny at all, building something with a limited source is a great way to test skill and creativity. Used to do writing exercises back in the day where we had to write poetry with a specified set of words. It can have some great results, which you have. Fact is I'm considering the possibilities for a similar project now that you've shown me the way.
Maybe add extras - I found springs made all the difference to the plastic goggle I modified.
Geek blasphemy.
I prefer to think of it as geek repurposing :)
Very nice. That's some impressive and creative repurposing. <br> <br>Have you given thought to adding corrugated tubing of some kind to add more of a steam-punk feel and take away some of the remaining transformer-ness? Attaching it securely, and making it fit the aesthetic, may be challenges... but I think the final effect could be worth the work.
If only those eye &quot;gaps&quot; (for lack of a better word) were a bit higher so a pair of goggles could be made to fit in them. Oh well...such is the curse of re-purposing premade things *sigh* <br> <br>Anyway it still looks pretty darn awesome...good job!
I'm surprised you caught onto that! It's actually a bit low in the photograph because of my glasses. It was hard fitting those and the mask. But when I used my goggles (the goggles in the pic are fake, but I had a real pair as well), it was very well spaced. good eye though!
Cool! Any chance of pics with the goggles?
Well, blow me down

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