My Premiere Steampunk Goggles





Introduction: My Premiere Steampunk Goggles

These goggles were made for a costumes craft class in college this past semester. They're the very first I've ever made. We were only allowed to use recycled products or things in their second life, meaning we either had to find everything or buy it at a second hand shop. Everything on these goggles was either found, given to me by friends or bought at a thrift store. I got the basic design from macgeek here at Instructables. The gold lens caps are hawaiian punch caps on a skinned and painted baseball.

I added large zipper tracts around the baseball skin and used the large zipper pulls to connect to an old purse strap. The larger eye is an old camera filer and the smaller eye piece is a peep hole from a door and a piece of hardware. On one side there are brass clock hands and the other has 3 working plastic gears I painted. All the gears on these goggles are plastic and are from various electronic devices such as hard drives, CD players, DVD players and other things I took apart for another project in the same class.

The little pouch on the back of the strap is the leather case the camera lens filter came in and holds other plastic lenses for the drop down piece. For that piece I used a small piece of a paint stirrer stick, metal hardware and plastic lenses from a flashlight. The red lens has a cross hare drawn on it, for shooting people with, the other colored lenses have no such coolness, however.The whole drop down red lens is a piece of metal hardware screwed into wood, so by twisting it one way, it swings down, and raises back up by twisting it the opposite way.

While I really like these, I was limited in my materials by the parameters of my class. I can't imagine how different they'd be if I could have bought any materials and used anything. But, I rather like them, and they cost about 10$ to make, all in all.



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    How did you make the stitching a golden color and the rest of the baseball brown? Or did you just buy the baseball like that?

    the stitching is a zipper lol.

    is the zoomthinging working ??? :p because i have a old lens of a digital fotocamera and i'm trying to use it to make some goggles that one eye can realy zoom in on things :p so all help is welcome greetz

    No, unfortunately. That would be uber amazing though, let me know if you figure it out.

    what kind of machine did you use to attach the zipper? Industrial? I'd really like a more detailed desciption of your how to make these if possible. They are Fab!

    Well not really. More along the lines of hot glue ;). However, I would say an industrial machine would work, and look much better, but a normal machine might also do the trick as well. The baseball leather is actually pretty thin. Like I said, I followed macgeek's instructions ( ) for the basic structure and just went from there. If you've got any other questions just send me a message, hopefully I'll check in before too long!

     Those are really neat; probably the best ones I've seen...

    That's quite a compliment, thank you very much. They're my first steampunk anything, and I hope to make much more.

    The zippers around the edges are really quite beautiful, nice work.