Steampunk Goggles





Introduction: Steampunk Goggles

Not my first, but the best work in the genre of steampunk

materials : brass, copper, leather, glass, steel, cotton cord,




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    Absolutely FANTASTIC set of goggles!!!! I am so jealous!! One request I have (aside from doing a full Instructable on how you made them), is would it be possible to get more pictures of the inside of the goggles? I'm curious how the inner part looks, and the pictures that are posted don't show much of the interior. I am extremely impressed and inspired by this project, and want you to know how fantastic they look! Thanks for sharing!!! Cheers!

    good afternoon. unfortunately these points I already have, therefore, to show a photo inside I can't. but thank you for the praise)

    are you interested in selling them?

    these already not. will be similar, but in Augus

    Man ! those are beautiful ! congrats, it's a really fine job !

    Amazing work. I tip my top hat to you.

    thank you very much )

    It looks like gogglerman's creation. Well done.

    Yes, it is beautiful) on it studied)

    I agree, the aged look is excellent! I'd love to hear more about how you did it.

    A full step-by-step on a project like this would be amazing!