Here's a steampunk iPhone station that functions as a night light, charging station and audio station. 

The unit can charge the iPhone with or without playing music.  The night light functions independently, and if the phone rings while playing the music you will hear that through the speakers, so it is a great unit for the kitchen, bath or nightstand.

It basically is a project that repackages new components (except the DC Ammeter)  into a handmade enclosure.  It takes some rather basic woodworking & finishing skills, basic circuit understanding and intermediate to advanced electrical circuit board soldering skills.  The copper nameplate utilized the Muriatic acid & Hydrogen peroxide etching process using a laser printed mask technique.  If you really want to bring together all of these medias into one project - this is it!.  Ready?  Let's get started with the components used:

Step 1:

I bought a basic speaker set that plugs directly into a iPhone ear bud jack for $20 at Best Buy.  They come with a small built in amplifier with a volume and on off switch you will need to relocate to the front of the new box you will build.  There are a number of options & costs for these - check your local Goodwill, Craigslist site, etc. for some low cost suplus stereo equipment - but be sure they have an amplifier as your iPhone can't drive large speakers.  But the larger the amp, the larger your cabinet needs to be to house it!

The power supply wall plug for the speakers had a strange triangular socket screw holding it together.  I didn't have that kind of screwdriver, so you will see how I dealt with it later!

The DC ammeter will only work when connected correctly, in series on thepower  wire from the supply to the load (what is being powered).  Plus (+) connects to the power supply, Negative (-) connects to the amplifier board incoming power lead.

The iPhone power cord was a cheap one but it works and was chosen because it was really small on the power supply end.

The night light is an Aerolux neon bulb found on eBay - a great touch for my girlfriend's nightstand.  You can get these in a number of configurations and at a number of places - just search aerolux figural light bulbs.  Be forewarned that the real antique ones are quite expensive!!!
Brilliant work!! And do you know anyone who wants to rebuild an existing &quot;80's vintage JVC boom box&quot; into a steampunked version, adding in the iPhone doc and/or generic .mp3 connectors? My ex-hubby gave me this JVC as a consolation prize after our divorce. I went back to college a few years later and accidentally dropped it, cracking the already hideous black plastic casing. It still sounds great. It just looks ugly as homemade sin. I've always thought it would be cool to basically transfer it into a nice wood case keeping same basic configuration - and that was long before I knew of the &quot;steampunk&quot; concept. And so with passage of time, I'd also like to incorporate Iphone/.mp3/ maybe Bluetooth connectivity, and possibly a CD player (okay so that might be going a bit retro again, but I'm an old lady ... I do actually have 33.3 vinyl records too - into a case, complete with the decorative metalworks. Something classier than the Crosby &quot;retro&quot; outfits you see these days (or is it Crosley? I didn't have my reading monocles on.). Not sure if there is a generic area here in instructables for a &quot;call for builders/designers&quot; such as for this project idea, so my apologies if this isn't the right place?<br>Thanks!!
very pretty very nice! <br> <br>thanks <br> <br>sparkie
This is pretty cool!
Thanks - It was my practice run for my Steampunk Nixie Clock / Radio / iPhone station. Always practice on your girlfriend first, then do your projects!!! :o)
Your welcome!
What a great looking iPhone station! Really creative, well documented and well photographed... You should consider entering this in the Woodworking Challenge...<br> <br> One suggestion: You may want to consider covering the speakers to protect the diaphragms. Maybe brass drain grills, or a piece of brass coated aluminum radiator cover, to keep with the steampunk theme.<br> <br> You got my 5-star vote!;-)

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