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Introduction: Steampunk IPod Portable Rig

I wanted to make a steampunk ipod case for a while, but for me it had to be made of real wood and brass. The first attemp was constructed from mahogony, but alas was shorted lived as when I attempted to srew the two halves together it cracked to pieces.

So the idea was shelved for a while untill i found a lovely looking wooden card case online that looked suitable for moding.

None of the techniques I have used are particularly difficult. It just took a lot of care and time and patience. I only used basic hand tools an electric drill and a cheapy 'Dremel' during construction. Some of the items I used were tricky to track  down. Alot of research went into this thing.

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

PS this is my first post on Instructibles so please excuse the quality of some of the photos and text!



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    where can i get this product mrs brass eyes? pleaseeee. i love this product

    great, fabulous... thanks for sharing! Saludos

    Epic... totally epic

    wooooow ... no.1

    simply beautiful, a work of art.

    At first look I thought you'd used a modded pocket flask w/ a wood facade. Do you think one could use a leather bound flask to similar effect?

    So can I ask where exactly was the site you found the etched brass brackets?

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    Of course it -

    Great quality stuff. The etched brass frets are very thin. I unded up glueing 3 layers together for each of the corners.

    I am interested in making one, myself,. What are the etched frets found under on a search query, ive looked but to little avail :/


    This should be the page for all brass frets :D

    What scale did you use? They don't have dimensions on their page. :(
    I love your work though! I've been looking for another wood-working project! :D

    Thanks for the link. Absolutely beautiful work!

    you are a genius!

    A very good job indeed.
    I surely try it in that way too.

    With steamy greetings
    Yours Aeon Junophor

    Gorgeous project! As a woodworker I tip my hat to you! Well done.

    what are those headphones called and where can i find them?

    this is so awesome!!
    i have been looking for a cool ipod case idea for ages please make an instructable!!

    Its so awesome it looks like it was bought from some company that specializes in this type of thing. You should start one.