I will tell you how I took out our vile dingdong chimes and replaced with bespoke traditional bellpull made from variety of bought and found items, in the steampunk style.

Step 1: Parts

You will need:

Something to be the bellpull. I found this nice tap but my neighbour uses a climbing carabiner. Whatever.

Wire, about 3m thin wire. Not electrical multistrand. Something like garden wire or other uncoated wire.

Pulleys - you will probably need 3 to get the wire from the pull to go round corners and up to a good height for the bell inside.

Bell or something clangy clattery noisy to rattle around when pulled.

Some sort of spring and arm.
&nbsp;The only problem I see with this is that people may not understand how to use it.<br /> My door bell is pictured below. It's a spring loaded mount holding several bells with a cable passing through the wall to the outside. The cable pull is a small bell with the word TUG etched&nbsp;into the side of it.<br /> The most common use of the bell by callers is to grab it and try to bang it against the door frame.<br /> I would say 1 in 25 callers actually grabs the cable pull and tugs on it to ring the bells inside.
This is excellent, and I think I will try this is my room (those blasted parents always scare me by walking in at anytime, and at all hours of the day). This is inventive, interesting, and just enough Steampunk to make it interesting!
Obv the design depends on what you happen to have available or can find in a skip. It is umbrella season again so the amount of umbrella parts is really stacking up since I never got thru all the ones I took in last autumn, so this at least used a bit of one! I actually spent far more than strictly necessary and if you dont have a huge ships bell the pullies can be quite small, even probably the ones from tuning systems in radios or whatever.
Fantastic, no more chirping door clangers for me!

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Bio: Aiming to get a Show and tell maker fair going in March 2009. Anyone in UK or willing to travel, please let me know.
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