Hi there! Here, browsing some Instructables, I found a lot of steampunk/cyberpunk/somethingpunk projects, some really interesting. I fell in love with those kind of things, so I decided to make something following this stream.

I've started to look for an idea, some kind of inspiration; I've searched hundreds of sites (well, maybe only dozens, maybe even ten or so). Finally, the idea found me. The inspiration is this: if a noble gentleman who lost his left eye needs to hide his black hole, what in the earth he would use? (I know, it's a bit macabre, but this kind of accident can happen.)

This is the result of my efforts. I hope you like it, please be gentle with your comments, this is my first real Instructable (in english, not my best language: forgive me).

EDIT: Kiteman has suggested me some language improvement. I hopa that this will make my instructable more readable.

Step 1: Gathering Materials

Like with any other project, we need to start somewhere. Usually I start sketching my ideas, to have some kind of blueprint to follow. This time I decide to do everything following only my creative talent (if we can call it a talent).

Materials needed:
- a 1,5 liter plastic bottle, the harder the better;
- an old leather purse (true or fake, no matter), ready to be dismantled;
- all-purpose glue, like mastic;
- an old pocket watch, not precious, not working and not reparable (maybe also not yours...);
- a piece of cardboard;
- a sheet of transparent plastic;
- elastic;
- 2 small metal hangers;
- gold, copper or bronze permanent marker;
- some uninsulated copper wire, medium thickness.
Instead of a purse and a watch you can use any kind of leather object big enough to provide the required amount of material, and any other mechanical device that can be reduced to a lot of cogs.
The copper wire should be uninsulated for showing the color. If you have a wire with transparent insulation, it will preserve the natural color of copper, otherwise it can develop an ugly oxide patina.

Optional materials:
- acrylic paint, any color you like;
- fixative or transparent varnish.
The paint is needed only if the leather's color is wrong for your intentions. For a steampunkish style, you can use black, dark brown, dark bordeaux, anthracite or wet sand color paint. It's up only to you.

- marker, color doesn't matter;
- mechanical pen, again color doesn't matter;
- X-acto knife, cutter or pocket knife, whatever you want;
- scissors;
- sandpaper (medium grit);
- some paper towels;
- a working table or something to cover your desk.
The latter two items are really important: you don't want to stick your finger to your project or to ruin a good looking desk, trust me. You can replace all blades with electric tools, at your choice.
You may need some other tool, like pliers or hammers, depending on your material and your intention. No, I don't mean that you can throw the hammer to your younger brother.
<p>can you see out of it?</p>
<p>Sadly, no... But I think you can change slightly the design to make a see-through version.</p>
awesome design...luv it!!! here is my version called it my &quot;uni-ocular-enhancement-device
Thanks! And good job with your version, wonderful design!
gotta give credit where credit is due...yours was my inspiration
Thats an eyepatch....
thx for telling about ur ring<br>lolzzz
man your so funny!!
nice monocle, je moet alleen wel een beetje aan je engels sleutelen:) nice job
Would spray paint be okay?<br /> Maybe cover the sides with duct tape to keep the sharp ends safe, would that be a good alternative?<br />
I think it would.<br /> Using spray paint was one of alternatives I thought, but I found that it was more expensive than acrilic, at least for me.<br /> If you apply it directly on plastic, be sure that it can be applied on this kind of surface.<br />
This is very cool! If only I had known about before TLAP day!
Nice job - it could be a mechanical pirate's patch as well.
Mmm... pirate's patch... sounds good!
<strong><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.yarr.org.uk/">Yarr!</a></strong> (or, if you prefer, <strong><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.talklikeapirate.com/piratehome.html">Yarr!</a></strong>)<br/>
Huh<strong>.</strong> Apparently <em>International Talk Like A Pirate Day</em> is coming up...<br/>
Coming up?
:-( I didn't have anybody to talk to like a pirate today.
Your user name is so on my list of best user names I've ever seen... I've got to make a new account and go pro sometime.
@ me? (If so, thank you! :D )
You don't have to make a new account to go pro.
Awww.<br/><br/>I abused my powers yesterday - I declared TLAP Day 24 hours early, and made all my Year Team take the registers and start lessons in Pirate Speak. I even bought them eyepatches and stick-on moustaches.<br/><br/><sub><sup>Unfortunately, the tight elastic of my eyepatch turned my entire forehead blue...</sup></sub><br/>
To get a smoother ring out of the copper, you should try to use rounded needle nose pliers or bend the wire around a pen or marker of the size you need for a some thing like a small spring. Which you could then work it on to your rings.
its neat. i like it. but it looks uncomfortable
It may look so, but it's all appearance. Well, I haven't wore it for a long time, but I think everyone can get used to.
Possible Improvement<br/><br/> - use a working clock movement (the back side of a ripoff 'nice' watch with a clear back) for the gear bits<br/><br/>Otherwise - 5* from me, awesome look!<br/><br/>
Nice suggestion. It was my first intention, but the pocket watch wasn't working and the movement was somewhat blocked.
You have to work with what you've got...that's for sure.
how do u see just 1 eye?
Well, I don't wear the monocle all time... Anyway, the free eye works better than the covered one, so it's not so difficult.
grat build and good timing Happy talk like a pirate day Me hearties
I like the cut of your jib, sir.
Many thanks, <em>monsieur</em>.<br/>

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