Step 3: Switches and fixtures

All the switches were bought second hand for pennies, because I wanted to use the fake drawer pulls as switches,
I needed a way to get the small cabnet screw to attach to the switch, one is on off for the neon lights, the other is a dimmer
swt. that turns off with rotation, as opposed to those you must push in to switch on.

I used springs soldered to the pulls threads, then made some mounts hopefully the pictures will explain it well enough.

A nice bonus was that because the springs are friction tight you can over twist them and it won't break the switch.

The on off uses a metal plate adjusted to make a tight fit for the knob on the front, the dimmer uses a wood block with
screws through the excisting holes.
I dont know if I missed this,or have already commented,just in case I havnt,top notch,very nice.
Thanks it's on the wall of my office you can't go wrong making your own furniture
No doubt,at least when you make your own,you get what you want,well made,nice looking items.
beautiful, did you find out,or did you always know what the porcelain numbered balls were for?
No I do not know, there were two sizes at the antique shop, if you have an idea let me know, glad you took the time to check out another project of mine.
Just took another look at this... Still one of my favorite Instructables;-)
Sweeet! The exotic woods can be a challenge! Great job pulling all the elements together.
This is one and the lamp are my favories.
Hi my Friend,<br><br>This is really a masterpiece. Great job and excellence design!<br><br>H. Steam
Hi Longwinters<br><br>Five stars from me too for this masterpiece (just rated and also voted at the wood challenge;-)))))<br><br>Cheers Aeon Junophor
Wow! This is really an incredible piece of craftsmanship! You combined a bunch of different retro-elements into one truly beautiful Steampunk masterpiece...The old Edison-style bulbs are a really nice touch. You got my vote for the Wood Challenge;-)
It seems much more useful when certain design elements are recognized, it makes you feel like you got it right. <br> <br>My wife asked me what the numbered marbles were for, I said for fun, <br>it's not something to be taken seriously, but the wood kind asks you to.
Fantastic!! I love the '3D' effect you've created with the mirrors!
It really makes a nice display, because the depth of the shelf and the side mirrors, <br>in person the combination of mirrors and wood grain really make it pop.
PS You also got my 5 star rating;-)
Hi Longwinters<br><br><br>Phantastic job! Quite a master piece!!!<br>Take a bow<br>Yours Aeon Junophor
Beautifully done. Great job!

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