Steampunk Parafin Lamp





Introduction: Steampunk Parafin Lamp

I've been intrigued by the steampunk concept since discovering it on the net a year or so ago and have wanted to do my own steampunk project. And then presented itself the perfect, simple opportunity. I found this old parafin lamp out of the garage. Unfortunately I didn't take any photos of what it looked like before, but it was rusty with the paint flaking off and the glass globe almost indistinguishable from the rest of the lamp. So with a complete wash and scrub in soapy water it started looking half reasonable. In keeping with the steampunk theme, the whole lamp was given brass effect paint. Now the tricky little part of how to get an incandesent bulb wired up inside it instead of the parafin burning wick. First the wick assebble and adjusting knob came out. I should have really put in a proper bulb holder but shortcut that part by soldering the wires straight onto the bulb! The other thing I wanted to keep was the fact that a dazzling 50W bulb inside that lamp will look overpowering and I wanted to be able to adjust the brightness so that the filament can just be seen glowing. So I found a brass effect dimmer switch in B&Q, took my dremel to the base of the parafin lamp and cut a square out that would fit the switch. I then drilled a hole for the dimmer and clicked the brass effect switch on the outside. Hey presto!



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Cool. If you replace the bulb w/ 'flickering flame' bulb it would enhance the effect.

That's awesome looking !