So this is going te be my first instructable ever. Its more like an inspiratinal instructable.

This year for the anual fantasy event (Elf fantasy Fair) in holland i wanted to do something steampunk.
I love the phantom of the opera so why not creat a steampunk ersion of the phantom.

I hope your gonna like this instructable.
Have fun with building your mask.
please leave a comment!

Step 1: The mask base and color

First you have to make the base of the mask. search some pictures of the real mask and some steam punk masks for some inspiration.
I created the base mask of a old Halloween mask. which was made from plastic so i took my dremmel to cut it in the shape i wanted.
Then just make a dirty paint job so it looks like old copper. I did this by first making a black undercoat and then dry paint copper color on it.
<p>very kool bro!!</p>
<p>my friend said we should make a half mask for his steampunk costume. I said it would look like the Phantom. Told you so!</p>
This is soooooooo Cool!!!!!!! Great job!
Thank you!
Very cool!
Makes you look like a Borg.

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