Steampunk Radio Mp3





Introduction: Steampunk Radio Mp3

This is my first try to create something cool.
Unexpectedly reflections from blue bar create a smile :) on central bulb.
Electronic for the device is from DX 
USB stick is in brass Shiva upon device.



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    I agree with the others: this is a real WOW! Job, but I need a little more instruction. I think I do recognize some of the elements from other projects, but I have looked at so many projects I don't remember where I saw what. But again, this is great!!!

    This is a great looking steampunk project! I think if you took the time edit this instructable with some step-by-step description as to how you built it, that it might get featured and get some of the attention it deserves. I would also suggest swapping the first photo with the 10th photo, which doesn't include any of the distracting background... Again, great looking steampunk MP3 player!

    Wow. Fantastic!!! Great job. I love it!

    This is pretty cool. Nice find on the MP3 unit too. Can you tell us a little more about construction? Do any of the knobs and buttons function?